Distillery Owners Build Quonset Hut in Virginia

The Three Brothers’ Distillery in Virginia just opened their doors after building their Quonset Hut.


“Hi my name’s Dave Reavis with Three Brothers’ Distillery and welcome to our grand opening today. This is my distillery. It’s a 35 by 40 foot SteelMaster building. We opted to do our siding on the front instead of using the metal corrugated siding. We currently run a 1,400 square foot distillery. We produce corn whisky, rye whisky and gin, and we run production three days a week at the facility right now. SteelMaster was really great to work with. They did a great job with us getting us the building and they were there when I needed the technical support to do the modifications to make a distillery out of a steel building. Thanks SteelMaster.”