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Steel Arch Roofing Projects & Applications

Arched steel panels provide an ideal roofing solution for those who never want to worry about reroofing and want the protection steel provides. Quonset hut steel arches offer customers the coverage they need at a low enough price point to make sense to invest in. We’ve gathered some of our favorite roofing projects and give you the insight into what went into the project. Hear directly from our customers on why they chose a steel roof over a less durable traditional roof.

Container Cover Provides Functionality to Charleston Business

“It looks great and is functional. The way our business is growing we needed something fast. A traditional building would have taken too long to build and we’re bursting at the seams, so it was a great solution,” Greg said.

Man Uses Quonset Roof to Restore Abandoned Building

When SteelMaster customer was approached to build a storage building, a Quonset hut was top of mind.

Building a Roll Off Roof Observatory Using a Quonset Hut

Imagine being able to capture images of the vivid night sky with just the click of a mouse. Utah Desert Remote Observatories makes this a reality with their robotic remote astrophotography–and you can get in on the action too!

One-of-a-Kind Observatory with Steel Roof in California

All it takes is the click of a button for the SteelMaster roof to move and expose the telescopes inside Bryan C.'s observatory to the sky.

Hawaii FBO Upgrades Maintenance Shelter with Container Cover Building

After using a maintenance shelter made of weak materials for years, the folks at Air Service Hawaii decided to upgrade to a more durable and functional structure by using two shipping containers and a SteelMaster container cover roof kit. 

9 Questions to Ask Before Starting A Container Project

Container buildings are alluring for so many reasons, but if you don't know which questions to ask your dream project can turn into a nightmare.

Company Uses SteelMaster Container Cover for Workshop

Kiewit Corporation purchased a 42' x 60' SteelMaster shipping container cover to create a workshop that is budget-friendly and easy to erect.

Austin Animal Shelter Adds Custom Steel Roof System

Austin Animal Center is the largest no-kill animal shelter in the country & are saving lives under the arches of their SteelMaster roof system.

How The Steel Shipping Container Cover Roof Kit Was Invented

SteelMaster Buildings and Cube Depot teamed up for a project with shipping containers being re purposed as a storage building.

Customized Roofing System Tops Off Artists’ Workshop

A building that can endure the weather, provide secure storage and give an atmosphere where creativeness continues.