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Steel Sheds – Testimonials & News

A steel Quonset hut shed is one of the toughest sheds you can purchase. Our sheds are built with corrugated steel, much stronger than aluminum, tin, wood or composite plastics. When you’re looking for a storage solution to protect property, not just store items you don’t want to throw away and won’t fit in your garage, SteelMaster sheds will provide you with maximum protection while also being a DIY solution. With sizes as small as 10’x10′ and as large as 60′ wide with an infinite length, it’s hard to beat the strength and versatility of a Quonset shed. We collected some of our favorite news stories on sheds to serve as both information and inspiration.

Alaskan Man Builds Bear-Proof Storage After Attack

Discover how a SteelMaster customer from Alaska was inspired to construct a steel storage building after surviving a bear attack.

Unlock Your Creativity: 3 DIY Garden Shed Kits That Spark Inspiration

Discover three garden shed designs that exemplify SteelMaster's commitment to quality and versatility. Check out these projects that will inspire you to pick up your tools and get to work on your next project!

How To Paint A Quonset Hut: Metal Shed Owner Explains All

Learn more about how Patrick T. built and painted his SteelMaster storage shed to match the nature on his property.

Texas Man Builds the Ultimate RV Shed

Learn how a motorhome lover designed and built the perfect storage for his motorhome with an RV shed kit.

7 Ways to Use Your Steel Quonset Hut Shed

No matter the size, SteelMaster can design a metal shed for any purpose. Check out the list below of different ways you can use your DIY shed kit!

5 DIY Shed Kit Projects That Will Inspire You

SteelMaster's Quonset Hut sheds are designed to give customers the best quality storage at a competitive price. Check out these five steel shed kit projects that will inspire you to pick up your tools and get to work on your next project!

Build Your Own She Shed: 7 Ideas for DIY Creative Spaces

A "she shed" is a woman's alternative to the traditional man cave--it's a place for ladies to relax and retreat from the everyday stresses of life.

Customer Thrilled With ‘Bright And Enchanting’ Quonset Shed

SteelMaster customer Linda C.'s fascination with erector sets and geometry growing up made purchasing a Quonset Hut shed an easy decision.

A Stunning Little Backyard Shed You Can Easily DIY

Finding a simple small yard shed is a breeze with the simple click of a button, but actually putting one together can be a frustrating process. SteelMaster heard the concerns of our customers, and we worked to produce affordable DIY shed kits that anyone can build.

Alabama Family Survives Three Hurricanes in SteelMaster Shed

Hurricanes Ivan, Dennis and Katrina were no match for a SteelMaster shed in Alabama. While other families in one Clanton neighborhood relocated to shelters, the Brown family hunkered down in their building for protection.