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International Building Projects From SteelMaster

With buildings in Latin America, Europe and Asia, and beyond, SteelMaster has the ability to ship structures to almost anywhere in the world. We highlight some of our favorite international building projects throughout the years and show you the factors that have made the Quonset hut kit a worldwide success.

Eight SteelMaster Projects Around the World

SteelMaster’s buildings are located in every state in the United States, on six continents and in more than 40 countries. Learn more about eight of our many projects around the world!

SteelMaster’s Metal Buildings Survive Two Earthquakes in Guatemala

Since the beginning of 2017, Core Industries has been providing SteelMaster buildings for the Guatemalan market. We are proud to be serving our customers with some of the most resilient and structurally sound buildings in the world.

Man Uses Metal Quonset Hut Structures in Guatemalan Business

When David initially contacted SteelMaster, he simply wanted to purchase a building. As he started to ask more questions and gain more knowledge about the benefits of the metal quonset structures, his ambitions extended far beyond just owning one; he wanted to incorporate them into his business.

Thousands of Meters of SteelMaster Structures

Ovidiu Popa, a master builder, has successfully bought and installed thousands of meters of SteelMaster structures across Romania.

On a Mission with Steel in the Bahamas

SteelMaster is responsible for the design and manufacturing of the buildings used on the OPBAT base in the Bahamas where DEA helicopters are stored.