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SteelMaster’s Metal Buildings Survive Two Earthquakes in Guatemala

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steel quonset hut illuminated with purple lighting
To show people how great SteelMaster buildings are, we have built a demo center where folks can come to look at the material and understand why SteelMaster is the right choice for construction projects of all sizes.

Our demo center is composed of an A-model, a Q-model, and we will soon have an S-model up as well!

Once erected, these buildings were quickly put to the test. On June 14th, Guatemala was hit with a magnitude 6.9 earthquake with its epicenter about 90 miles west of the demo center. Then on June 22nd, yet another earthquake hit; this time with an epicenter was close to 70 miles south of the demo center and with a magnitude of 6.8.

These were strong earthquakes that were felt in Guatemala City. Unfortunately, multiple buildings were damaged in several places around the country; however, the demo center SteelMaster buildings were 100% intact.

It gives us peace of mind to be backed by the engineering department at SteelMaster. It is good to know that the proper design, loadings and material characteristics were taken into account when designing the building, especially in a country as seismically active as Guatemala.

We are working with multiple customers with many different market needs including construction, development, aerospace, agricultural, and housing.

One particular customer is looking into building a house with modern, durable, and quick assembly materials, including raising the building on shipping containers. His locale has restrictions on house aesthetics, as it must match the surrounding buildings. A resistant yet flexible material is required where variations in dimensions throughout the building are easy to accomplish. That is where Core and SteelMaster come in. We are working with him to provide a building that fits his particular needs without breaking the bank and in record time!

Core stands ready to fulfill any building needs for anyone in Guatemala and Central America. Please let us know how we can help you with your project needs.