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Why Heavy Snow Loads are No Match for Contemporary Quonset Shed

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Retired designer, Dale G., was looking for a vacation property outside of the hustle and bustle in Los Angeles. He found the property of his dreams in the picturesque small town of Mammoth Lakes, California. Known for its world-renowned ski areas, Mammoth Lakes boasts an impressive 400 inches of snowfall per year. Therefore, buildings are required to meet a heavy snow load requirement. Luckily, SteelMaster buildings are pre-engineered to meet local codes, making the process as stress free for Dale as possible.

Ease of Delivery and Assembly

Dale recalled the delivery being a seamless process. Then, he was able to get started with assembling his storage shed! Using his prior construction experience, Dale assembled the building alone and had it completed in just one summer! He said, “I put a tool in my hand and got to work.”

Dale assembled the building and even repurposed materials he had saved after remodeling his home. Now, his storage shed matches the contemporary aesthetic of his home. His property is complete with a large backyard, two decks, his outdoor shed, and a fire pit.

Dale said his favorite thing about his Quonset is not only the aesthetic but the durability. When researching durable sheds, he came across SteelMaster.

“You just can’t beat it. [This building] will be here forever.”

Dale even said some of his neighbors were hesitant of the building, but now he only gets compliments.

“It’s not a natural thing in a mountain community. It’s kind of different in that sense.”

Mixed Gauge Steel

Dale’s storage shed required a mixed gauge steel to meet the codes in Mammoth Lakes. Experienced building specialist Cullen Jordan assisted Dale by designing his building with mixed gauges, making it strong enough to adhere to the local codes. Now, Dale has one of the most durable sheds in Mammoth Lakes.

Arched Panels

The steel arched panels are the perfect design in heavy snow regions. They are designed in a way so the snow will glide off the arches. This design is what makes SteelMaster buildings so durable.

Engineered Approved Blueprints

Every SteelMaster building is engineered to meet local snow load codes, making it as stress free for our customers as possible.

“The process was super easy. Your people got in contact with the engineering people in Mammoth Lakes to go over the plan and they were wet stamped within two weeks.”

Overall, Dale said he had a great experience working with SteelMaster.

The connectivity between SteelMaster, myself, and the engineers were great. I love the building. It’s practical for what I needed.”

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