Corrugated Quonset HutTM The Perfect Shelter From The Storm

If you live in a natural disaster zone, you want a building you can trust in the event a severe storm comes your way. SteelMaster’s incredibly durable steel Quonset HutTM structures are some of the best above ground storm shelters on the market.

SteelMaster’s metal buildings are specially designed with your safety in mind. Not only are they an economical solution for those who want to save money and put their own buildings together, our structures have also saved lives during extreme weather events.

Many of our customers say purchasing a disaster-resistant building was one of the best decisions they made. Each prefabricated building receives a certified engineer’s stamp before it gets to your door and comes with a 40 year warranty (some restrictions apply, see warranty certificate for full details). We follow FEMA’s building codes, IBC codes, ASCE-7 recommendations and building codes specific to your location, such as Florida’s HVHZ and Chapter 16 codes. Each Quonset HutTMis made with commercial grade, high quality steel. The metal panels are pre-drilled and pre-punched making it easier to overlap each one to the next. This is one of the secrets to the arch’s super strength and why arched structures make very effective storm-proof buildings. These buildings are difficult to remove from their foundations because it is almost impossible for strong winds to infiltrate the buildings overlapping joints.

Typical straight walled buildings are especially vulnerable to the powerful winds characteristic of even the weaker storms. The junctures of the walls and the edges of the roof are likely to fail when a cyclone makes landfall, especially when pressure changes occur as windows are broken by flying debris. Entire buildings have collapsed when winds in strong winds. SteelMaster’s prefabricated Quonset HutsTM are engineered to endure this extreme force.

During extreme weather, strong winds create a variety of associated dangers including falling trees and flying projectiles. SteelMaster’s buildings are built strong enough to reduce your vulnerability during severe weather. The deep parallel grooves in the corrugated steel add to the strength of this already durable building. Winds can reach well over 150 mph in some of the most devastating storms turning large objects into deadly projectiles. Projectiles can penetrate a traditional building’s walls in extreme winds, endangering anything or anyone on the inside. When this same projectile hits an arched, corrugated solid steel building, often times it makes a small dent instead of going all the way through.

In fact, one of our structures was tested for projectile penetration in strict accordance to FEMA 320/361 and ICC-500. Testers hurled a 15 pound wooden 2” x 4” at 100 mph at one of our steel walls, recreating what could happen with debris during a powerful storm. As expected, the building sustained minimal damage. SteelMaster’s disaster-resistant buildings have also survived real-life tests outside of controlled experiments.

“Our SteelMaster made it through Charley with flying colors,” said Scott Rambo, a Punta Gorda resident and SteelMaster customer. “Our building made it through a category 4 hurricane without even a wrinkle in the panels.”

Not only are our structures ideal to protect people and property during the storm, they also serve as temporary housing structures or storage for relief supplies to assist those affected by the storms .
We have partnered with organizations including USAID, UNOPS, U.S. Commercial Service, the Internal Federation of the Red Cross (IFRC), CSS Alliance and World Vision.