RV Storage

RV Storage

Metal RV Garages: Prefab Steel Motorhome Storage Kits

When you spend your hard-earned dollars on a major investment like an RV, you want to preserve it for years to come.


Folks who love their recreational vehicles look to SteelMaster to provide strong, versatile, pre-engineered Quonset Huts to protect their investments against the elements.

When you own a SteelMaster, you can cruise down the open road with peace of mind.

Contact a SteelMaster building specialist to discuss your RV garage plans to ensure you get the best building to cover your vehicle.

3 Types Of RV Storage Kits

Every RV storage building we sell is custom designed around the customer’s motorhome. Our buildings utilize three basic designs for RV storage:

RV Garage

RV Garage

Fully enclosed building built to order around your RV’s size and additional storage needs

RV Shed

RV Shed

More basic than a garage but still provides protection from the elements for your vehicle

RV Carport

RV Carport

No sidewalls and used to protect RV’s from the sun and rain, the least secure option

The Ultimate Guide to RV Storage

The Ultimate Guide to RV Storage

Check out real-life SteelMaster projects & learn more about:

  • The features and benefits of arch-style RV garages
  • Step-by-step arch construction
  • Technical specs & certifications


RV Storage Projects

quonset hut with custom brown endwall with sliding doors and rv parked inside

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Planning Your RV Garage

SteelMaster will help with the specific engineering and blueprint-related details of your building, but before contacting us, you should have a general of what you want out of your RV storage.

Step 1: Determine garage dimensions needed for RV

Step 1: Determine garage dimensions needed for RV

Class A, B, C, and travel trailers can all be accommodated in a steel RV garage kit. RVs typically range between 20′ to 45′ long, 8′ to 10′ wide, and 10′ to 14′ tall, so you will need a building at least a bit larger than those dimensions.

Step 2: Select how much extra space you’ll need

Step 2: Select how much extra space you’ll need

If you want to store more than just your motorhome you can choose an even larger building. Here are the most popular RV garage sizes for each Quonset hut model:

  • A-Model: 20’W X 16’W X 36’L*
  • Q-Model: 35’W X 18’H X 50’L
  • S-Model: 30’W X 15’H X 40’L
  • X-Model: 30’W X 19’H X 50’L

*Most popular overall

Step 3: Choose your garage door size

Step 3: Choose your garage door size

Unless you’re building an RV carport or open-ended garage, you’ll need to choose a garage door for your building.

Garage doors and service doors can be provided by SteelMaster or sourced locally.

Your SteelMaster project manager will make the necessary plans depending on your decision.

Step 4: Design your endwalls

Step 4: Design your endwalls

Most customers design their own endwalls using local materials.

However, some opt for SteelMaster’s steel endwalls or leave their building totally open ended.

 Step 5: Get a price on your RV garage

Step 5: Get a price on your RV garage

If you have the land, financing and general plan for steps one through four, you’re ready to speak with a SteelMaster Building Specialist to confirm your pricing.

Each quote we provide is custom and strives to be as cost-effective as possible.

Quonset RV Garage Kits Advantages

We work with you to plan, design and deliver an RV storage solution that will last decades. Quonsets have become a more and more popular choice to store motorhomes for their obvious advantages compared to traditional buildings.

  • Easy-to-assemble DIY RV building kit saves time and construction costs
  • Arched structure provides maximum space for your RV
  • Disaster-resistant secure storage for RV and belongings
  • Customizable garage options straight from the factory
  • 40-year RV garage warranty
“Our SteelMaster building proved extremely durable the past couple of winters because there were several heavy snowstorms in this area. We recommend this product to everyone we talk to.”
Ronald S. New Jersey

Our metal RV garage kits are easy to build

Every steel panel of your Quonset RV Garage kit is pre-drilled and pre-punched — the entire building only requires one size nut and one size bolt. All you need are a few tools, a few friends, and a few days to put together your SteelMaster Quonset Hut.

Pre-construct your arches

Lay the arches of the building out on the ground and hand-tighten each panel together. You’ll want to decide if you’ll be raising the entire arch or half of an arch at a time and pre-construct the arches accordingly. For larger buildings, it often makes sense to raise a half arch at a time.


Raise & connect the arches

Now that the arches are mostly assembled on the ground, raise each of them, and connect them to any foundation you need — our arches can be put on shipping containers, on the ground, or anchored to a concrete foundation. Then, connect the arch to the previously raised arch.

Tighten the bolts as you go

Once four arches are up, go back and fully tighten the first arch. Then each time you raise a new arch, go back and tighten the arch that’s four arches back.

Install endwalls

Now that the building has been erected, install the endwalls you’ve selected for the garage. A popular option is to use steel endwalls provided by SteelMaster as they are functional and economical.

Get Inspired

We hope some of our customers’ most impressive projects will inspire you to get started on your own Quonset hut structure. See all articles.