Sheds, Garages, Barns & Prefab Buildings Across New England

From garages to barns, SteelMaster will deliver our durable and versatile Quonset Huts to any location in the 500 mile span of New England. Not only will our plans meet or beat building engineering requirements, they will also save you time and money by making it easy to create the building of your dreams in just a few simple steps.
The first Quonset Hut was built at the Davisville Naval Construction Battalion Center at Quonset Point, Rhode Island. These pure steel, semi-circular Quonset Huts were originally used as barracks, latrines, offices, medical facilities and isolation wards during WWII.

Today, metal Quonset Hut garages are the most popular application for SteelMaster’s residential customers in New England. SteelMaster’s prefabricated metal garage kits are designed with the average homeowner in mind. Most buildings don’t require an expensive construction crew or experience to assemble. We make the process super simple.

Our garage packages come with all of the pre-engineered materials you need to easily put together your own DIY garage. The kits are also engineered for your specific location. If you live in an area that has heavy snow, extreme winds, or dangerous ice storms, each SteelMaster garage kit is specially made to survive the climate conditions of any location.


SteelMaster’s collection of metal agriculture buildings are the perfect storage solution for the needs of any kind of farmer. Our versatile buildings can be designed to your specific space and size requirements. Plus, our buildings require very little maintenance which saves a ton of money in repair costs. Here are some of the benefits for agricultural industries in the New England region.

New Hampshire & Rhode Island

Like most states in the New England region, some of New Hampshire and Rhode Island’s commodities include hay and corn.

The three states have approximately $16.2 million in value of production for hay and haylage. Haylage is forage that is baled at a higher moisture content than dry hay. It is then stored in sealed plastic wrap. SteelMaster metal Quonset Huts help preserve the quality of hay and haylage by keeping bales protected from the elements of weather. It can cost up to $40 to create one bale after calculating labor and equipment costs.  Choosing the proper storage method can maximize nutritional value and savings.

Our steel prefabricated barn kits are the perfect choice for storage for agricultural equipment and products.  With widths of up to 150 feet and unlimited lengths, a steel building can be used for all or your storage needs, from hay and haylage to tractors.

Our Quonset Hut barn kits are specially designed for easy construction and hassle-free maintenance for the life of the building. Every building is prefabricated and pre-punched at our factory. Each building only requires the use of one size nut and one size bolt to construct. You don’t need an expensive contractor or construction crew; over eighty percent of customers assemble their own building, resulting in huge labor cost savings.


The production of maple syrup is very popular in New England, but Vermont produces the most maple syrup in the United States, with more than half a million gallons each year. The total value of U.S. maple syrup production was $147 million in 2016. Turning maple sap into syrup requires a long process of boiling down the sap. This process is often done in what is known as a “sugar shack” or “sugar house.”

SteelMaster Quonset Huts can easily be used as sugar houses. Because our arches are self-supporting, building owners can use 100 percent of the space on the inside for any machinery, products and any tools needed.  We also offer two types of vents: louver vents, which maximize air circulation and turbine vents, which maximize airflow. Louver vents significantly reduce heat that builds inside of the structure. Turbine vents siphon the stagnant heat and moisture build-up from your building. This creates airflow as outdoor air is pulled into the building, maintaining a constant circulation of air passing through your building.


Aquaculture, the farming of aquatic organisms like fish and shellfish, has been present in Maine since the 1800s. Today, Maine’s fishing industry is mainly focused on salmon farming. Maine accounts for 18 percent of the U.S. domestic salmon market.

SteelMaster buildings are a great option for areas near water because our Galvalume Plus coated panels protect buildings assembled in harsh coastal environments.  Customers also have the option to upgrade to salt-resistant nuts and bolts. Because of this coating, minimal maintenance is required and the building does not require painting or treating.


Farming may not be the biggest industry in Connecticut but it’s still important, adding $3.5 billion to the economy each year. Nursery and greenhouse products account for 45 percent of the state’s farm receipts. Other leading products include dairy products, poultry and eggs.

SteelMaster’s durable, affordable prefabricated storage sheds are a perfect way for nurseries to store wheelbarrows, shovels and other gardening tools. We offer a variety of easy-to-build prefabricated shed kits to help you find a safe, durable storage space for all of your valuable items. We offer a variety of sizes from a small 10’ x 10’ to a 30’ x 30’ for larger items. No matter the size, we can design a metal shed for any purpose.

Our buildings can also be used as a place for animals to seek shelter, rest and feed. The buildings are able to be open on both ends, one end or closed. The steel walls will also resist breakage when kicked by animals. To clean the building, simply dampen a cloth and use a bit of soap to wipe down the steel arches.


Massachusetts is the second largest U.S. producer of cranberries. Cranberries, one of the only three major fruits native to North America, brought in nearly $77 million in 2015 alone. It’s also the official state berry!

There are two types of harvesting: wet and dry. In wet harvesting, cranberries grow on long-running vines in bogs, areas of marshy ground with acid peat soil that are usually near wetlands. Each berry has tiny pockets of air that allows it to float to the surface of the water. Then, they’re corralled together, loaded into trucks and shipped off. In the dry method of harvesting, cranberry growers use a mechanical picker to comb the berries off the vine and deposit them into a burlap sack at the back of the machine. Sometimes helicopters are used to transport the sacks to protect the berries.

As with the other agricultural industries mentioned, cranberry farmers can also utilize the clear span design of our buildings to store tractors and other farming equipment. In addition, cranberry farmers who use the wet method of harvesting won’t have to worry about their buildings rusting near the bogs because our steel arches offer superior corrosion resistance to the elements.

Disaster Resistant

While the climate in New England varies across the region, our metal Quonset Huts can handle nearly any disaster. From heavy snowstorms to ice storms, SteelMaster’s durable structures are designed with your safety in mind.

Snow Resistant

Maine, northern and central New Hampshire, Vermont, and western Massachusetts have humid climates with long, cold winters. Heavy snow is common in this part of New England, and most locations receive 60 to 120 inches of snow annually.

In central and eastern Massachusetts, southeastern New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Connecticut, the summers are warm to hot, winters are shorter and there’s less snowfall, especially in coastal areas.

SteelMaster’s durable, metal Quonset Huts are engineered to handle the heaviest snow loads. If your home isn’t prepared or designed sufficiently, the weight of heavy ice and snow can cause the roof to collapse. This can cost thousands in repairs and cause injuries to those inside the home.

SteelMaster’s metal buildings are able to handle the snow load of any region. Our steel buildings follow the snow load provisions required by the ASCE 7-95 and the IBC. Many localities and zip codes also add their own specific codes for their areas.

Our arches are created with commercial-grade, high-quality steel that can be customized to accommodate extremely heavy snow loads in areas that experience frequent snow storms. Any of our models can accommodate these loads including the A-Model, S-Model, the classic Q-Model, and the X-Model which is the most popular for heavy snow. The X-Model has a 4:12 pitched roof, which makes it easier for heavy snow to slide right off. We also offer a C-Model that serves as the best carport in snowy climates.

Hurricane Resistant

Coastal states from Texas to Maine are at risk of hurricanes, with the main risks being flooding due to coastal storm surges and inland flooding due to rain and severe winds. It’s rare for hurricanes category three or greater on the Saffir Simpson scale to hit the region, but it’s always a good idea to be prepared. Due to the increase in New England’s population and resources in the region, an intense storm would likely result in approximately $17 billion of property damage, according to research from Brown University.

SteelMaster’s High Velocity Hurricane Zone-certified metal buildings are some of the strongest structures on Earth. Instead of having to build an internal structure, we’ve designed each panel with deep corrugation, which gives it super strength. Each panel is overlapped and bolted to the next. This creates one continuous structure able to resist the force of strong winds by distributing the force to the ground instead of causing the building to collapse.

We design our structures to meet the building codes for hurricane-prone areas which change frequently with the increase of tropical depressions. Our high-grade commercial steel has the best high-speed resistance of any other kind of building.

Hurricanes can pack winds from 74 mph as a category 1 to over 157 mph or more as a category 5 according to the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale. Poorly constructed, rigid frame structures are left defenseless against the power of the hurricane’s howling winds, but SteelMaster’s cyclone-proof house materials have endured when tested in the most powerful storms.

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