Customized Metal Endwalls For Quonset Hut Buildings


SteelMaster Solid Endwalls are pre-cut and die-punched for ease of assembly. They bolt together using the same one-size nut and bolt system used for the arches. This provides a solid, weather-resistant vertical shield to an end of your SteelMaster Building.


  • Endwall panels are designed according to the door system employed in your building.
  • Solid Endwalls include a Trim Kit (inner and outer curved flashing angles, to connect end panels to the arch systems).
  • Your endwall may also be recessed to allow for an awning.
  • Solid Endwalls are standard silver color.
  • If a portion of the endwall is damaged, individual panels can be purchased to replace them instead of replacing the entire endwall.

Colored Endwalls

SteelMaster Colored Endwalls offer the same strength as our standard endwalls while providing the option to customize the look of your building. They are available only on A-Model buildings up to 30′ wide. The pre-painted steel endwalls are available in four colors.


  • Bone White
  • Tuscan Tan
  • Mocha Brown
  • Pine Green


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