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After you’ve poured the foundation, raised the arches, and tightened every bolt of your Quonset Hut, now you have to think about how you want to customize the interior of your new structure.

One of the biggest things to consider is the kind of Quonset Hut insulation that is right for your new building.

Knowing how to insulate a metal building and trying to decide which kinds of insulation options are the best fit for your project can be a daunting task. SteelMaster is here to help you make sense of it all.

Do I need insulation?

Generally, our buildings do not require insulation. They are manufactured to withstand extreme conditions in both frigid temperatures and brutally hot regions of the world.

Your decision to add an additional layer of protection inside of your building will greatly depend upon how you plan to use the structure, the climate conditions in your area and your specific needs.

Why should I insulate my steel metal building?

There are several great reasons to think about insulating your steel building. This includes reducing condensation, noise reduction, and long-term heating and cooling savings.

Those who live in warmer climates want to reduce the heat caused by solar radiation. When you insulate your building, this will keep it comfortable during some of the hotter summer months.

Also, it’s important to take the use of your building into consideration.  If you plan to use the building as your primary home, a hunting lodge, man cave, business, or relief shelter, Quonset hut insulation kits are absolutely necessary.

What are the types of insulation for metal buildings?

Once you’ve decided that you need insulation, the next step is to determine which one of the steel building insulation options is right for you. There are two main types of insulation for steel buildings: batten and spray foam.

The first type of metal building insulation to consider is batten or blanket insulation for metal buildings. It is mineral fiber consisting of rock wool or processed fiberglass. It’s normally used in floors, ceilings and inside of walls. Customers are able to purchase it in metal building insulation rolls that are cut to fit the specific area (more on this later).

Another choice to look into is spray-on insulation for metal buildings. This liquid form of insulation has a foaming agent and a polymer like polyurethane. It can be used on floors as well as ceilings. This kind of insulation fills every space of the Quonset hut structure.

What should I look for when comparing different types of insulation for metal buildings? Which is the best?

While there are many factors to consider when choosing insulation for your building, some of the most important are ease of installation and aesthetics.


SteelMaster’s insulation kits are customized to your building’s model and measurements and all hardware necessary for installation.

Customer Teresa R. inherited her father’s Quonset hut from the 1980s. After doing some research, she decided the SteelMaster insulation kit was the best option for her.

I talked to [Assistant Customer Service Manager] Ryan, he was super nice and told me how to install the insulation. He knew everything about the building so we didn’t have to do any guesswork. It’s customized exactly to the size you need,” she said.

“I could do a lot more work and save a couple of hundred bucks, in other words, not worth it.”

Spray foam insulation can be complicated and messy for a beginner, which means you may have to hire a professional company to do the job for you. However, installing a SteelMaster insulation kit is simple and can be done with as little as two people, which saves you the time and money of hiring a professional.

Additionally, spray foam insulation has harsh chemicals, which means you need to wear a respirator suit during insulation. This is not necessary for SteelMaster’s fiberglass spun blanket insulation.

Check out the video below to see how our insulation kits attach to our building: 


Another thing to take in consideration, especially if you decide to leave your insulation exposed, is the look of your insulation.

Even when done properly, spray foam insulation can look bulky, lumpy and messy. The texture is created by the foam moving into small spaces and expanding. Although  you can paint the foam once it’s dry, it won’t hide the surface.

The backing of SteelMaster’s blanket insulation is smooth and once installed, has a pillow-like look. The white color can brighten up the interior of your Quonset hut.

“I heard about spray foam insulation, but I wasn’t attracted to the idea. The arches themselves were beautiful but [the insulation] is beautiful. It’s brighter because it’s white and reflects light. It’s cool–soft, yet industrial–it’s great,” says customer Teresa R.

What comes in metal building insulation kits?

SteelMaster’s batten insulation comes with all of the insulation materials you need, including:

    • Steel mounting pins that the insulation will be pressed on to with a predrilled hole at the end to put the existing bolt threads
    • Additional nuts to fasten the steel mounting pins to the existing bolt threats on the arch.
    • A steel retaining washer that is oversized. When you apply the washer onto the mounting pin, it helps hold the insulation in place.
    • Six-inch wide seam tape so that all of your insulation rolls will have a nice seal where one roll ends and the next begins
    • Circular patch tape to go over your mounting pin puncture on the insulation. 
    • Safety dome cap (optional) used to cover the pointed end of the mounting pin.
    • Insulation rolls made of spun fiberglass with a diamond weave pattern on the backing that acts as a reinforcement to make the insulation tear and abuse-resistant. 

What is an R-Value and why is it important?

When you’re comparing different kinds of insulation, it’s important to be mindful of the option with the highest R-Value, which is the power to prevent heat transfer, as well as its permeability, which determines how susceptible your building will be to condensation.

How do I stop my metal building from sweating?

Metal buildings “sweating” due to condensation is a popular concern when looking at Quonset insulation options. Insulated metal buildings are protected by a vapor barrier that reduces the amount of condensation inside of the structure.

If you live in a colder climate, insulating a metal building will protect it from condensation caused by exposure to ice and frost.

Additional considerations for insulating your metal building

When choosing the right insulation, you must also consider the facing, which is the part of the insulation that faces the inside of the building. If it is going to be left exposed, you must make sure that it is reinforced with a layer of scrim, which is fiberglass or nylon mesh. This makes it more durable and protects it from damage in the future.

Adding insulation to your building is an option that will prove to be well worth the time, effort and research in the long run.


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