Metal Bolts For Steel Building Kits

Every SteelMaster building is constructed using one size nut and bolt. The SteelMaster bolts feature a recessed groove in the cap for the polyethylene washer to form a virtually airtight seal. SteelMaster bolts set the standard for quality and ease of construction, and offer unsurpassed strength and flexibility.


  • Grade 2, JS 1000 Hour Salt Spray Tested Bolts are standard.
  • Grade 8/1500 Hour and Grade 5/Stainless bolts are available.
  • Hex, Serrated, Self-locking Nuts standard.
  • Pre-recessed Polyethylene Sealing Washers (LPDE). Industrial grade plastic, tolerant of extreme hot and cold temperatures.
  • All hardware is pre-assembled by the manufacturer.


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