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Quonset HutTM History Beyond WWII

For over seven decades, the strength of the Quonset HutTM continues to serve both families and businesses all over the United States and around the world.

No other structure on earth is more durable, more useful, or more unique than the Quonset HutTM. These buildings, made of corrugated galvanized steel, are formed into an arch shape which gives them their strength. The Quonset Hut was derived from the Nissen hut which was created in England during World War I .

Because of its clear-span interior and undeniable strength, business owners have used the Quonset Hut for farm equipment storage, hay storage, horse barns, and even shelters for boats and RVs. Some residents have also chosen the Quonset Hut style buildings as their homes.

This kind of building became popular back in 1941 during World War II when the military requested a special kind of structure that could meet several of their needs. The Navy wanted an all-purpose building that was lightweight, easily shipped and easily assembled.

Crews built the first Quonset Hut at the Davisville Naval Construction Battalion Center at Quonset Point, Rhode Island. These pure steel, semi-circular Quonset Huts were used as barracks, latrines, offices, medical facilities, isolation wards and even bakeries.

Quonset Huts are still known as some of the strongest structures in architecture, and this still proves to be the case today.

SteelMaster took this design and made it even stronger in the 1970s. The newly manufactured buildings now combine the architectural strength of the arch with modern technology to make these structures strong enough to support the heaviest snow loads and able to survive the strongest winds, even a category 4 hurricane!

The Quonset Hut can be used in so many ways. The possibilities are endless!

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