Easy to assemble workshops perfect for creating a productive space for your professional endeavor or hobby

Prefabricated Steel Workshops & Shop Buildings

Our steel workshops are the shop buildings of choice for all types of hobby enthusiasts and budding entrepreneurs, including woodworkers, metal shop owners and classic car professionals. 


Backyard Workshop

Backyard Workshop

Auto Shop

Auto Shop

Woodworking Workshop

Woodworking Workshop

Art Studio Workshop

Art Studio Workshop


The Ultimate Guide to Quonset Workshops

The Ultimate Guide to Quonset Workshops

Check out real-life SteelMaster projects & learn more about:

  • The features and benefits of arch-style workshops
  • Step-by-step arch construction
  • Technical specs & certifications

Durable DIY Workshop Kits

The SteelMaster steel workshop is the perfect place to organize, store and protect your valuable tools and machinery as well as provide comfort, security, and durability against fire, snow, and hurricane-force winds.  

All SteelMaster metal workshops are custom engineered to meet the wind and snow loads for your location. This engineering, which is included in the price of your building, makes SteelMaster’s structures the strongest in the marketplace.

All of these steel workshops feature a clear span design that offers 100 percent usable space, providing you with the flexibility to truly customize the inside of your steel, auto or workshop with any necessary work benches or partitions. The clear span design also allows you to easily hang lighting, run conduit, build shelving, add a loft, insulate or heat and cool your building.

SteelMaster customer Vernon Blackadar’s steel shop building’s clear span design is perfect for safely protecting the various types of wood he uses for his woodworking business. Because the building does not have posts inside, he’s able to move around easily while he works.


A-Model workshop with garage door and entry door taken at sunset

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It’s not difficult for me to recommend SteelMaster’s buildings and service to other folks!
Vernon Blackadar, Florida resident

Workshop Customization Options

There are several parts and accessories that can help you customize your SteelMaster workshop layout.  Our talented group of design specialists will work with you to create workshop designs that will meet your needs.


You can purchase endwalls for your buildings from SteelMaster or build your own end walls with lumber and local materials for about a third of the cost. We sell both standard steel endwalls that include a trim kit with inner and outer curved flashing angles to connect end panels to the arch systems. Your endwall may also be recessed to allow for an awning.

Customer Randy Cochran and his sons created their custom SteelMaster workshop to make handcrafted wooden furniture from salvaged trees taken from national forests in South Alabama and Florida.

They were able to build their own custom end walls, made mostly from longleaf pine for the framing. The interior and exterior were sheathed with exterior grade plywood, the exterior siding is eastern red cedar and the window casings and interior and exterior frames are cypress. 


 Skylights are one of the most popular accessories our customers purchase, especially if they spend a lot of time working during the daytime. 

Our skylights are specially designed with a flat bottom, v-shaped corrugation that matches the steel panels of your building. Light will shine into your building at three different angles, dispersing the light three times better than a conventional flat panel skylight.


Vents are another important accessory because they release heat and, depending on your project, strong fumes. 

We offer louver vents and turbine vents that are easy to install. Louver vents are a great option for those who live in warmer climates because they significantly reduce the heat that builds up inside of the building. 

Turbine vents can be installed in the roof line to allow for maximum airflow.  

As the stagnant heat and moisture build-up is siphoned from your building, airflow is created as outdoor air is pulled into the building, maintaining a constant circulation of air passing through your building.

Whether you need a place to do some serious work or just need something for those weekend projects, our prefabricated workshops are the perfect solution. Contact us today to receive a free quote on the metal workshop of your dreams!

Q-Model workshop with custom recessed front end wall, sliding wooden door, and a dog laying in front
The Quonset Hut has been an integral part of our success! We really do love our building. We are proud of it. It works so well for what we have to do.
Keith Cochran, Alabama

Get Inspired

We hope some of our customers’ most impressive projects will inspire you to get started on your own Quonset hut structure. See all articles.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the inside of a steel workshop look like?

All of these steel workshops feature a clear span design that offers 100 percent usable space, providing you with the flexibility to truly customize the inside of your steel, auto or workshop with any necessary work benches or partitions.

How much does a Quonset hut workshop cost?

When calculating the cost of your ideal garage, it’s important to consider several important factors, some of which include use, size, and site location.

The exact cost per square foot will vary depending on these factors but if you’re looking for a general idea of the prices, you can expect to spend XXXXXXXXXX.

What size workshop will I need?

Whether you need a small shop to store your tools or a large working area, SteelMaster can design a custom workshop to fit your needs. Some of the most common shop sizes are 20′ X 20′, 20′ X 30′, and 40′ X 60′.

How long will my steel workshop last?

Due to their incredible strength and corrosion-resistant coating, Galvalume Plus, SteelMaster’s metal workshop buildings can last many decades and come with a 40 year warranty.