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Maximizing Space with Shipping Container Storage Units

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steel arch roof mounted on two red shipping containers with solid rear steel endwall and a boat inside of the structure

Repurposing shipping containers into functional storage units is an ingenious way to transform your space. By adding a SteelMaster container cover on top of the containers, you can easily convert existing shipping containers into a carport, garage, or workspace.

SteelMaster customer Laura H. from Washington state needed additional storage for her boat and various equipment. She came across shipping container storage units on Pinterest and decided it was the perfect solution for her storage needs, offering both durability and cost-effectiveness.

Laura shares, “You guys had the best price. And the rep I spoke with was extremely knowledgeable and accommodating. It was a super easy process.”

Shipping Container Cover Kit

Laura and her husband purchased two shipping containers from a local supplier in Washington State and embarked on a quest to find the perfect cover. Their search led them to SteelMaster, where they learned a SteelMaster shipping container cover kit would be the perfect solution.

They purchased a R-Model 22’ x 38’ for their storage container cover.

“Our shipping container storage units have been a game-changer,” Laura affirms. “Not only do they offer ample space and protection for our belongings, but they also add a unique architectural element to our property,” said Laura.

Now, not only does the container cover provide the needed protection from the elements for their boat year-round, but the shipping container capacity provides enough storage room for other equipment.

Assembling a Prefab Shipping Container Garage

Assembling the arches of the storage container cover was a collaborative effort between Laura, her husband, and a small crew of friends. They were able to raise and secure the arches in just three days!

Laura shared a few tips and tricks she and her crew learned throughout the construction process, including:

  • Prepare equipment and materials: Make sure to have a list of equipment needed and lay everything out before getting started. This will make the construction process smoother.
  • Utilize a Scissor Lift: Renting equipment like the scissor lift is optional, but was a game-changer, allowing Laura and her crew to work efficiently and safely.
  • Seal the container cover: One of the critical aspects of the installation process was ensuring proper sealing between the containers and the roofing structure to prevent water intrusion.

If you’re considering a similar project or exploring shipping container storage shed ideas, SteelMaster Buildings offers a range of cover kits designed to suit various needs and preferences. From carports to storage sheds, our customizable options provide the perfect complement to your shipping container storage units, ensuring durability, versatility, and peace of mind for years to come.