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Steel Workshop Kit Projects, Testimonials & News

Quonset huts are a great choice for a workshop or outbuilding because they’re more durable than wood and easier to build than framed buildings. Whether it’s for a hobby not fit for the garage, a commercial endeavor or just some extra space, Quonset hut workshops have become a more and more popular choice for residences and businesses. Our team of building specialists and engineers work directly with customers to design, plan and deliver their workshop building kits. Read about some of our favorite workshop projects and the customers behind them.

SteelMaster Customer Transforms S-Model Shed into Backyard Gym

Learn the multiple advantages for building your own Quonset hut gym and trust in the reliability of SteelMaster to turn your dreams into reality. Explore durability, customization, and versatility with Julie's story!

From Quonset Hut to Dream Retreat: A SteelMaster Customer’s Journey

Learn valuable tips for building your own Quonset hut and trust in the reliability of SteelMaster to turn your dreams into reality. Explore resilience, versatility, and the art of creating a lifelong haven with Shane's remarkable story.

Bending Wood and Metal: The Artistry of a Quonset Hut Woodworking Workshop

SteelMaster customer Scott L. purchased an S-Model Quonset hut for his woodworking business in his very own backyard!

Woman Repurposes Late Father’s Workshop Into Living Quarters

After SteelMaster customer Liz J.'s father passed away, she repurposed his beloved workshop into living quarters on their property in Florida.

The Curved Canvas: SteelMaster Customer Designs Dream Studio

Nearing retirement, SteelMaster customer Robin K. knew she wanted a dedicated space for her arts and crafts projects. After visiting many local Quonset Huts in Arizona, she was convinced a Quonset would be the perfect structure.

Man Builds Quonset Hut Workshop With Repurposed Materials

SteelMaster customer Jay B. built a workshop/mancave with repurposed materials on his property in New Hampshire.

Backyard Quonset Hut Art Studio in California

David S. and his wife purchased a Quonset hut to create a functional and aesthetically pleasing art studio for glassblowing, woodcarving, and more!

Woman Renovates Father’s SteelMaster Workshop from the 80s

Teresa R. is renovating a SteelMaster Quonset hut workshop her dad used for his metal refinishing business in the 1980s.

Quonset Hut Workshop Survives Electrical Fire

When customer Michael S. purchased his steel Quonset hut, he didn't realize just how important the fire resistance of his building would be.

Fire Resistant Quonset Hut Is Perfect For Blacksmith Workshop

When customer Stephen M. retired and decided to take up blacksmithing, he bought a fire resistant Quonset hut to use as a coal forge for his projects.