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Sustainable Building Project & Application News

Steel is among the more sustainable building materials in the world, as recycled steel can be just as strong as it’s being reused. SteelMaster also features eco-friendly options for any Quonset hut. If you’re looking for sustainable design features that reduce energy consumption, Quonset huts are the right economical and environmental choice.

Ever Wanted to Stay in a Quonset? Now You Can!

Take a look at the Quonsets our customers have renovated into beautiful and unique Airbnb properties!

Quonset Hut: The Preferred Greenhouse Choice for a Mushroom Farm

“I did a little research. It came up on Google and had good reviews."

Father & Sons Build Quonset Hut with Solar Panels

SteelMaster customer Patrick D. built an A-Model Quonset hut with his sons and attached solar panels to the roof of the building.

Hawaiian Quonset Huts Powered by Solar Energy

Customer Geno A. attached solar panels to his two Quonset huts in Hawaii to power the buildings, saving him money and helping the environment.

Eco-Friendly Steel Home Helps New York Couple Save Money

A New York couple chose a SteelMaster Quonset hut to build their cost effective, eco-friendly dream home.

California Man Designs Custom Tiny Quonset Huts in the Mountains

Pioneertown, California is known for being a live-in Old West movie set, but SteelMaster customer Mark P.'s  Quonset huts are the real stars of the town.

How an Energy Efficient Quonset Hut Home Can Save You Money

SteelMaster's custom panels are covered in a special coating called Galvalume Plus, which helps protect the steel and makes it more energy efficient.

California Miner Strikes Gold in Surprisingly Unlikely Place

Shannon P. went on a quest to find a steel building that was just right for his organization, and this California gold miner found value in a surprisingly unlikely place—a SteelMaster Quonset Hut.

Man Constructs Energy Efficient Quonset Hut™ Lodge

When one man wanted strength, durability, and energy savings, he knew an energy efficient quonset hut lodge was the best choice.

LEED Certified Associate Tours Eco-Friendly Virginia School

SteelMaster's LEED Certified Associate William Swafford was out in the community and got a chance to see a new, innovative eco-friendly school in Virginia Beach before it opens.