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California Miner Strikes Gold in Surprisingly Unlikely Place

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a model steel fil studio with custom wood front endwall with windows

Shannon P. has been a successful gold miner for several years, so it’s pretty easy for him to recognize a thing of value when he sees it. He went on a quest to find a steel building that was just right for his organization, and this California miner struck gold in a surprisingly unlikely place—a SteelMaster Quonset Hut.

Shannon is the founder of The American Mining Rights Association, a nonprofit organization in Coulterville, California that helps miners all over the nation preserve their rights to keep public lands open and available to everyone.

For the last five years, Shannon has been working hard to connect with other miners and to work with government agencies and officials to lift regulations that prohibit them from accessing public lands. Shannon has grown the organization to a whopping 10,000 members and supporters, and he represents over 1.4 miners in America.

working site with open-ended quonset hut mid-construction
American Mining Rights Association Members building a quonset hut

He says this is his true passion. He is originally from Oregon and he gave up his job in the legal field to prospect for gold full time. He packed his bags and moved to California where he says the motherload is located. Shannon says in just one year, he was able to earn a six-figure salary doing what he loves.

Now that he’d found his passion and a pretty lucrative career, he was on the hunt for another precious metal – a DIY steel storage building.

Shannon says he started his search online for the perfect storage building kit.

After browsing SteelMaster’s website, he called one of our experienced building specialists and started the planning process for his steel storage building.

He ended up purchasing a 1, 000 square foot building that he now uses as a storage facility for equipment and tradeshow marketing materials. He also has a small studio in one part of the building where records educational videos for the organization.

“The building was a perfect fit,” says Shannon.

working site with open-ended quonset hut mid-construction
California Gold Miners build a Quonset Hut

He constructed the storage shed in a rural area where he says snow is plentiful. Thankfully, SteelMaster’s prefabricated arches are the perfect solution for areas that experience heavy snow storms. Our snow-rated buildings are some of the strongest in the industry.

Shannon says that the building process was an easy one for him and his crew of volunteers. Many of them had prior experience pouring foundations and raising arches.

Now they are working on the interior part of the building.

While Shannon continues to work on his new Quonset Hut storage building, he is also working to grow the organization and to continue to fight against government regulations.

He says he is now working with the Trump Administration on a bill that will make it easier for miners to search in specific places.

Shannon has made his living searching for precious metals, and how he has one more to add to his list of valued treasures.