Why Us

Why Us

SteelMaster Difference: Why Choose us for your next steel building

SteelMaster has been a leader when it comes to producing some of the best quality steel products on the market.

We work extremely hard to provide excellent customer service and we always have amazing deals, but those are not the main reasons why customers keep coming back–it’s the SteelMaster difference that sets us apart from other steel building companies.


All Steel is NOT the Same – Better Steel, Better Buildings

When you invest in a SteelMaster building, you’ll get the most from your investment in a top-of-the-line, quality steel structure. Our steel, parts and accessories offer superior engineering on several levels.



Material Specifications

Steel Gauge 22-12 Bolt Zinc Aluminum Hex Flange
Steel Grade 80 & 50 Nut Serrated Hex Head Locking Nut
Manufacturer Warranty 40 Years Corrugation Depth 7.5″ & 9.75″

Hardware Features & Benefits

All hardware, parts and accessories are produced in our state-of-the-art factory

Commercial-grade bolts

Along with the high-quality steel arch panels, our bolts are commercial-grade

Self-locking bolts

SteelMaster bolts provide greater reliability and holding power

Salt spray tested hex nuts

Most steel building companies don’t do corrosion resistance testing with the salt spray test

Pre-recessed polyethylene washers

Added benefits of electrical insulation, shock absorption, and improved durability

Protective Coating

Best Anti-Corrosive Agent On the Market – Longevity And Durability

Brand Galvalume Plus (AZ60/AZM180)  
Composition 55% Aluminum-43.4% Zinc and 1.6% silicon
Corrosion Protection 40 years
Organic Yes
Smudge, Stain & Fade Protection Yes


“It was the easiest that I’ve ever had to deal with anybody. Customer service was awesome. It was super painless. It worked out perfectly, exactly how I was hoping it would work.”
Pete G., Hawaii

Prefabrication Saves You Money AND Delivers Quality

Prefabricated means we’ve done all the engineering of the building materials for you before your building is delivered. The buildings are cut to specifications in the factory, then shipped as a kit to the building site to be constructed.

You’ll get the precision and quality of using multi-million dollar fabrication equipment at a factory without having to pay for a custom engineered structure.

When choosing to construct a prefabricated steel building, there are big advantages:

Less expensive:

A prefab building is generally less expensive to build than a custom engineered structure. Our standard building kits are designed for do-it-yourselfers to save on high construction costs.

Easier to construct:

The components included with your SteelMaster building are made to exacting standards of accuracy for easy assembly with predrilled holes and bolts as the only required fasteners for construction. In other words, a lot of work of measuring and drilling is already done for you!

High quality:

Our state-of-the-art factory is fully equipped with the latest technology and highly-skilled production technicians who go the extra mile to manufacture superior quality products to our customers.

Our Construction Manual Takes You Step-By-Step

The SteelMaster construction manual provides you with general step-by-step information on the assembly of your metal Quonset hut kit with illustrations.

Some of the information includes:

  • Storage guidelines

  • Construction and building insurance

  • Installation of parts and accessories (ex. Endwalls, Windows, Skylights, Vents)

  • Grouting, caulking and completing the building

  • Building maintenance and preventing damage

  • Warranty certificate

*Keyway foundation is standard on all buildings. Industrial Base Foundation option shown is for illustration purposes only


Expert Building Specialists and Engineers – Experience To Meet Any Engineering Challenge

Established in 1982 in Virginia Beach, Virginia, SteelMaster Buildings has served over 50,000 customers from across all 50 states and over 40 countries.

SteelMaster’s team of building experts and engineers has the experience to manage a variety of engineering requirements. We will work with you every step of the way to figure out the design and specifications you need to create the steel Quonset hut you envision.


Included with SteelMaster Building Cost

Included with SteelMaster Building Cost

✓ State-stamped factory blueprints

✓ 40-year warranty

✓ In-house engineering staff

✓ Snow, wind & seismic load analysis

Steel Barns vs. Pole Barns

Steel Barns vs. Pole Barns

When choosing a building, it’s important to look at all of your options. Here are some differences between pole barns and SteelMaster metal barns.

Steel Buildings vs. Fabric Buildings

Steel Buildings vs. Fabric Buildings

From the clear span design to overall shape, steel buildings and fabric buildings seem to have a lot in common. However, there are significant differences that set SteelMaster metal buildings apart from fabric-covered structures.

Engineer For The Worst and Hope For the Best – Disaster Resistant Engineering

Technically speaking, no building company can claim that their building is 100 percent disaster proof, but our buildings are built to withstand a wide variety of environmental factors.


HVHZ Certified
In order to meet the engineering requirements of HVHZ, buildings must be able to stand up to not just hurricane force winds, but also can withstand debris impact.
Florida Product Approval
With the arch design of our Quonset huts and strength of steel, SteelMaster buildings easily meets Florida state product approval thresholds.
Wind Rated
Unlike traditional buildings that can have their roof blown off by strong winds, arch buildings are the roof, making it easy for engineers to design a building that can withstand the strongest winds.
Snow Rated
Low gauged steel combined with roof pitches of the A-Model and X-Model allow SteelMaster buildings to be built without fear of the weight of snow ruining your building.
Fire Resistant
All SteelMaster buildings are fire rated and are considered to be made from a non-combustible materials.
Seismic Rated
Our buildings can be designed to Seismic Design Category E for areas near a major fault with high seismic vulnerability.
“We were searching for a more resilient construction option for us. We knew we wanted to have a building that could withstand high winds from hurricanes.”
James Morris, owner of a Shellfish Hatchery

Why Us: Our Logistic Experts Plan A Cost-Effective & Timely Delivery For You

We make getting your new building from the factory to you an easy process with complete transparency.

Speed, Efficiency, and Logistics Expertise

Whether your building is delivered by a tractor-trailer or bundled on ballets in containers to be shipped overseas, our knowledge of logistics will ensure your building arrives with everything you need.


Ship Almost Anywhere in the World

Ship Almost Anywhere in the World

We handle shipping and logistics for deliveries on six continents and 50 different countries to all types of customers.

Flexible on Steel Building Delivery Process

Flexible on Steel Building Delivery Process

Buildings can be delivered within days in some special cases or weeks depending on your construction goals.

Alaska, Hawaii & Puerto Rico Specialists

Alaska, Hawaii & Puerto Rico Specialists

We sell and deliver hundreds of buildings to all corners of the United States, even the harder-to-reach spots.

We Detail and Finalize the Shipping Process With You

We’re only happy when you’re happy and a big part of that is the peace of mind of knowing you have a professional team of shipping and logistics experts at your disposal.


Once your order has been approved by engineering, our dispatching team will call to schedule delivery.
The day the order leaves the factory, the transportation company will email you the estimated arrival day and contact information of the driver.
Once the driver is within 24 hours of delivery, he will contact you for a final confirmation of arrival time.

We can work directly with you to help set up and manage the shipping and delivery process. Our team of professionals has extensive knowledge of transportation document requirements including:

  • Bill of ladings
  • Certificate of conformity
  • Export and import licensing requirements

LEED Certified Buildings – Eco-Friendly While Still Being Budget Friendly

Due to steel’s recycled content and functional properties, building products made from our steel can be credited with the maximum number of points for the Materials & Resources Credit aspect of the LEED rating system.

Our steel building products contribute positively toward points under credits 4.1 and 4.2 of the LEED rating system:

  • Credit 4.1 (1 point) “Use materials with recycled content such that the sum of postconsumer recycled content plus one-half of the pre-consumer content constitutes at least10% (based on cost) of the total value of the materials in the project.”

  • Credit 4.2 (1 point) “Use materials with recycled content such that the sum of post-consumer recycled content plus one-half of the pre-consumer content constitutes at least 20% of the total value of the materials in the project.”

In addition to recycled content, steel can contribute toward several other LEED credits, either directly or indirectly.

Our in-house LEED Engineer William Swafford, has received the U.S. Green Building Council’s (USCGB) Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Associate certification.

SteelMaster Buildings
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Michael DudleyMichael Dudley
17:58 19 Dec 22
Gordon My Consultant gave Good information as well as, Conversation & He was knowledgeableAbout the things I was concerned about, which made it easy to Decide.Now We will see if the installation goes as smooth as the sale . .Michael
J DonajkowskiJ Donajkowski
14:03 11 Nov 22
Customer service (Evan & Elizabeth) have been outstanding during the pricing stage and answering any questions. Works with the customer from start to finish. Stays in touch to explain every step from ordering to process of delivery.Will work with you on pricing. Product specifications seem of high quality.Waiting on delivery and excited to erect the building.
Peter BorsPeter Bors
17:34 28 Oct 22
Steelmaster was excellent to work with, Barrett and Matt made the process very simple and got me exactly the kit that I wanted. The shipping was fast, Jason the truck driver was excellent; he had great communication with his ETA, great backing skills, and was friendly. The kit was fun and enjoyable to put together, having previous experience from doing a Quonset about 15 years really helped, plus the fact of having cordless tools now (which weren’t popular/ were very expensive back then) made the process much easier. Once you get the first few arches up the building gets quite stiff and you can walk away from the project until you have time or bad weather improves, then with every bolt after that you can feel how strong it becomes. Very strong design and good metal. The building should last many many years, I wouldn’t be surprised if it outlives me. Thank you SteelMaster!
Barbara RienerBarbara Riener
18:37 29 Aug 22
SteelMaster buildings are very beautiful clean lines no worries of insects. Maintenance free. Definitely need four men to build.
Bus Grease MonkeyBus Grease Monkey
18:52 03 Sep 21
We received multiple wrong arch pieces, defective pieces and was even shorted an entire arch piece. However since it was more than 30 days from delivery their “firm 30 day policy” was stated as the reason they wouldn’t replace the pieces. 1/2 of the anchor bolt brackets were also wrong. Directions were horrible and YouTube videos from others were way more helpful. Their customer support people do not understand the products and tech support are not very experienced at building their structures. The tech support person i spoke to said he assembled one in a parking lot before. We have video of the wrong panels, missing panel and manufacturing defective panels that we received. Metal strapping used to ship also caused damage to pieces.They have reached out to resolve our issues. I will update when the have completed the delivery of the missing parts.They did step up and replace the damaged and missing pieces but i highly suggest you inventory and inspect everything during delivery. It will take hours to check everything but you don’t want to go through fighting to get the right parts.We do really like the building it’s a shame the customer service didn’t do the right thing from the first contact because they would have been able to avoid a lot of negative feelings.
side view of steel S model storage shed with custom front grey endwall with beautiful wood and glass double walk through doors

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