Shipping & Logistics

Shipping & Logistics


Logistics Of Freight Shipping & Delivery Of Your Steel Building Kit

So you’ve ordered your steel building…now what?

In this section, we’re teaching you more about the advantages of getting your structure shipped directly from the factory, how your building will be packaged and what to expect during the delivery process.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s The Advantage Of Getting A Steel Building Shipped Straight From The Factory?

You save big money when your steel building is sold factory-direct to you. That means there’s no middlemen and no unnecessary overhead or dealer markups for savings.

Working factory direct eliminates the need to finance overhead costs of working with other companies.

Additionally, response time is important for any type of project, especially ones with a tight turnaround.

If you need answers that can be answered by someone on-site at the factory, you’ll have an easier time working directly with your factory.

Plus, being able to have easy access to in-house engineers and design staff can save you a lot of phone calls.

How Are Buildings Packed And Protected Throughout Shipping?

After your building is designed, it is usually packed onto the bed of a flat bed truck.

The panel design of metal Quonset huts makes shipping easy.  The panels are stacked on top of each other and often covered with a tarp for additional protection. The heaviest arch panel in 22 gauge is about 40 pounds.

The panels and a bucket of bolts for your building are loaded and secured on a truck to ship to your destination. Several buildings can fit onto the truck depending on the size of the buildings. If you have additional parts and accessories, they will be shipped and delivered with your building.

For overseas shipping, the panels are stacked on top of each other and if required can be crated framed with wood, then covered with a metal case for additional protection. The panels are placed in a shipping container for shipment to your destination.

Several buildings can fit into a 20′ or 40′ container depending on their size. If you purchase a container cover, the shipping container can be used as one of the walls of your building so you get the most value out of your purchase.

How Long Does It Take To Get A Building Delivered?

There are many variables in how long it can take to get your building delivered:

  • Fabrication: The bigger the building, the longer fabrication and packing may take, especially if the company you’re dealing with doesn’t have the materials in stock.
  • Design Complexity: If your project is very complex, it may include custom materials that might take a bit more time to obtain. Essentially, standard building designs are produced faster than highly customized projects.
  • Weather Conditions: Weather, especially in areas that receive a lot of snow in the winter, can have delays in shipping due to ice and snow impacting travel.

Make sure to mention the timeline of your project when speaking with your project specialist, especially if you’re in urgent need of a building.

Who Unloads The Building From The Truck?

As an industry standard, most buildings are offloaded by the customer.

For sheds and smaller garage-size buildings, this can usually be done with two to three people and by hand. For larger buildings, a forklift, front-end loader backhoe or boom truck is typically used.

It is recommended that you wear gloves if unloading by hand because the panels can be sharp.