All Across America: SteelMaster Buildings Metal Buildings Are An Ideal Solution

Thousands of residential, commercial, industrial customers and government agencies across the United States trust SteelMaster’s strong, durable buildings to meet their needs.  The map above shows a few of the many SteelMaster buildings across the United States and worldwide! Click on the map’s markers to see a photo of the featured building, plus the building’s location, model, size and related pages about the building on our website.

With buildings sold in every state, our American steel buildings have the ability to withstand conditions from every environment.

Our buildings are perfect for cold climates with high winds, heavy snow and frozen ground. SteelMaster’s metal buildings are engineered to withstand any extreme weather event, including blizzards and the heavy snow they leave behind. Any of our models can accommodate these snow loads including the A-Model, S-Model, the classic Q-Model and the X-Model, which is the most popular for heavy snow. We also offer a C-Model that serves as the best carport in snowy climates. SteelMaster’s X Model has a 4:12 pitched roof which makes it easier for heavy snow to slide right off.

SteelMaster’s U.S. steel buildings also do well in extremely hot climates. Artist Bobby Furst chose to build a SteelMaster Quonset Hut compound at the foothills of the Mohave desert in Joshua Tree, California. He was surprised that in the 110-degree desert heat, the building remained cool to the touch on the outside and comfortably warm on the inside without air conditioning or even a fan. This is because the steel panels of our buildings are coated in Galvalume Plus, which reflects sunlight. This helps keep our buildings cooler on the inside in the summer months and prevents heat from escaping easily during the winter. The special coating makes our buildings extremely energy efficient, earning our buildings an Energy Star rating.

Businesses use our metal canopies and steel awnings for protection from the sun and weather. Our canopies have been used in many ways, including providing shade over eating areas and protecting valuable industrial equipment. Artist William Barnhart built an eco-friendly custom SteelMaster metal canopy to cover a bus terminal in sunny Mesa, Arizona. The bus terminal won the coveted Crescordia Award for environmental excellence.

If you’re in an area that is prone to wildfires, you need a building you can trust to keep you, your family and your belongings safe. Extremely hot and dry weather can spark dangerous forest fires. The fires are particularly fierce in the Pacific Northwest of the United States including Oregon, California, Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Washington State, Nevada and Utah. California’s biggest wildfire, the Carr Fire in Redding, burned through over 110,000 acres in a week.

Those who own steel homes have a better chance of protecting their belongings in such a situation. Some homes have been burned down to their foundation after wildfires overtake them. A SteelMaster Quonset Hut would have a much better chance of surviving because an average surface fire on the forest floor can reach temperatures around 1,500 degrees Fahrenheit or more. It takes more than that amount of heat, 2,500 degrees, for steel to even begin to burn.

The level grasslands in the Midwest supply corn, wheat and other grains and the hillier areas support livestock. Many American steel structures in that area are used for bulk agricultural and farm storage. Our steel agricultural buildings are some of the strongest structures in the industry. Customers save money on our farm storage structures because they are able to construct them on their own. Depending on the size of your building, an average steel farm building can be erected with the help of just a small crew in a few days. Quonset Huts do not require the use of beams and trusses to stand, which leaves plenty of room on the inside to easily store large items, products and even animals.

Jim Countryman called SteelMaster when he needed a shipping container roof to protect his farm equipment. He wanted to make the most of an underground trench silo he used to hold corn and feed cattle, so he decided to turn his silo into storage space for farming machinery. The structure was able to fit three tractors, a semi truck, a combine and two combine heads.
SteelMaster’s incredibly durable steel Quonset Hut structures are some of the best above ground storm shelters for the tropics and beyond. Many of our customers say purchasing a disaster-resistant building was one of the best decisions they made. SteelMaster creates buildings that meet current ICC-500 and ASCE-7 standards.

The arch design of our buildings is a continuous curve, which evenly distributes pressure from the outside of the building down to the foundation. While other roofs can collapse due to heavy loads or pressure from extremely strong winds, our arch system and endwalls can be designed to meet upwards of 190 mph wind speed. Our design specialists will provide state stamped engineered blueprints that reflect the exact wind loads required for your installation site. The blueprints meet all local building codes and loads requirements. All designs and calculations are stamped by a licensed, professional engineer with clearly diagramed drawings of your building.

SteelMaster’s High Velocity Hurricane Zone Certified buildings are engineered to the highest standards and are able to withstand the strongest winds. Our building was tested and gained Florida product approval (#FL-15623). During the test, 15 lb 2 x 4’s were hurled at one of our buildings at 100 mph. When the wood post hit the side of the building, it barely left a dent in the steel. SteelMaster’s buildings are manufactured using prefabricated, commercial grade, high quality steel that will protect the items and people inside of the building. Several customers say they have survived some of the strongest storms inside of their trusted SteelMaster buildings.

When a hurricane pushes huge amounts of water into a populated area, property can be severely damaged. Bare metal garages, sheds and workshops can quickly rust out but the arches and endwalls coated with Galvalume Plus prevent this from happening. The coating protects the building from normal wear and tear, but during a storm, if the water rises, it won’t damage the steel.

No matter where you live, you can count on SteelMaster’s experienced design specialists to help you find the perfect building for you.

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