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Arizona Steel Buildings: Save Cost On Code Compliant Prefab Structures

From protecting property during storms to providing storage for agricultural equipment, hundreds of Arizonans have trusted SteelMaster to find the perfect building to suit their needs. Check out some of our favorite steel buildings in Arizona through the years.

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Arizona Metal Buildings: FAQs

How do prefab Quonsets hold up in Arizona's intense heat?

With temperatures over 120 degrees Fahrenheit, you need a building that can withstand the hot summers of the southern half of the state. SteelMaster Quonset metal panels have an anti-rust, solar-resistant coating that also helps keep temperatures inside 10 to 15 degrees Fahrenheit cooler than the outside air. Fully assembled Quonset huts can be Energy Star rated so if you do need to add air conditioning you can keep cool air in and hot air out.

Arizona is known for its severely hot and dry weather. On a few occasions, Phoenix has recorded temperatures over 120 degrees Fahrenheit! When you’re looking for superior protection from the sun, adding a SteelMaster prefabricated steel canopy is a great solution.

Why choose steel carports or canopies over aluminum or fabric for shade coverings?

Unlike cheap aluminum or cloth, SteelMaster carports and canopies last for decades and can withstand the strongest monsoon season and haboob storms. Additionally, maintenance costs and tasks are fewer with steel Quonset panels because they are designed to last the lifetime of the structure – not be replaced every 5 – 15 years. Each steel panel is corrugated, adding even more strength to the entire structure. On top of that, we back every building with a 40-year warranty.

Anyone living in Arizona can attest that the sun can take a toll on vehicles. Hot weather can impact your car’s battery, paint and dashboard. A SteelMaster carport offers several benefits that will save customers money. Unlike carports made from other materials, steel is able to survive in all kinds of weather and solar radiation. It will not rot, warp, buckle, twist, or crack.

Steel carports come in a variety of sizes. You can get one tall enough to store a large vehicle such as an RV, or a smaller one that would still be large enough to protect a jet ski, snowmobile or an ATV. You can even have one installed on a boast slip as a boat slip cover or as shipping container carports.

Will Quonset hut protect me from Arizona's natural disasters?

Quonset huts offer superior protection against:

  • Monsoon winds (up to 170MPH)
  • Flash-floods
  • Flash-flood debris
  • Wildfires
  • Snow and blizzard (northern Arizona)

No building can claim to be 100% disaster-proof, but the steel Quonset hut’s design does make it more disaster-resistant than most structures. Quonset huts are recognized by FEMA in the state of Arizona as being able to withstand some of the toughest natural disasters. Steel arch buildings can do this because:

  • Arch design – Evenly distributes high wind loads, transferring pressure from the bottom to the top of each arch.
  • Corrugated steel – Thick gauge steel that has corrugation, plus deep parallel grooves in the corrugated steel that protect from projectile impact.
  • Overlapping construction – Steel panels overlap with one another as the building is being bolted together.
  • Impact-resistant steel – From haboobs or flash floods, debris hitting the building at high speeds creates a dent, not a hole, like with traditional buildings.

Arizonans are not strangers to severe weather. The state’s monsoon season, which peaks between mid-July and mid-August, brings torrential rains that can cause flash flooding and landslides. This arch design is key to Quonset’s success in Arizona, the buildings are difficult to remove from their foundation because it is almost impossible for strong winds to infiltrate the buildings overlapping joints or get between the arches and the foundation.

Do Quonsets protect against Arizona wildfires?

Northern Arizona includes beautiful forests and due to some of the droughts in the region Arizona has experienced an expanding wildfire season. Those who own steel homes have a better chance of protecting their belongings in such a situation. Some homes have been burned down to their foundation after wildfires overtake them.

A SteelMaster Quonset Hut has a much better chance of surviving because an average surface fire on the forest floor can reach temperatures around 1,500 degrees Fahrenheit or more. It takes more than that amount of heat, 2,500 degrees, for steel to even begin to burn.


How are Quonsets used for mining in Arizona?

Mining is also a big industry in Arizona. Mining provides over 43,000 local jobs and contributes over $4 billion to the state’s economy. Quonsets are a preferred solution for the mining industry because they are quick to assemble and are portable. Popular uses include:

  • Mining equipment storage
  • On-site housing and recreation
  • On-site offices

From copper ore deposit to copper ore deposit, the steel Quonset hut can be quickly assembled in remote areas to follow mining operations across the state.

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