Arizona Steel Buildings: Save Cost On Prefab Structures

From protecting property during storms to providing storage for agricultural equipment, hundreds of Arizonans have trusted SteelMaster to find the perfect building to suit their needs.

A Shade Solution

Arizona is known for its severely hot and dry weather. On a few occasions, Phoenix has recorded temperatures over 120 degrees Fahrenheit! When you’re looking for superior protection from the sun, adding a SteelMaster prefabricated steel canopy is a great solution. Our canopy buildings have been used in a variety of ways including providing shade over picnic areas to protecting valuable industrial equipment.

Unlike cheap aluminum or cloth awnings, SteelMaster awnings and canopies last for years. We use a special coating called Galvalume Plus that helps to prevent rusting and basic wear and tear on the arches. This significantly decreases maintenance costs as long as you own the building. Each steel panel is corrugated, adding even more strength to the entire structure. On top of that, we back every building with a 40-year warranty.

Thanks to the Galvalume Plus coating, our buildings remain cool to the touch on the outside and comfortably warm on the inside without the benefit of air conditioning in the hottest climates. The special coating keeps inside temperatures 10 to 15 degrees Fahrenheit cooler than the outside air and gives our buildings an Energy Star rating.

The sun can take a toll on vehicles. Hot weather can take a toll on your car’s battery, paint, and dashboard. A SteelMaster carport offers several benefits that will save customers money. Unlike carports made from other materials, steel is able to survive in all kinds of weather. It will not rot, warp, buckle, twist, or crack.

Our steel carports come in a variety of sizes. You can get one tall enough to store a large vehicle such as an RV, or a smaller one that would still be large enough to protect a jet ski, snowmobile or an ATV.  You can even have one installed on a boat slip as a boat slip cover.

Disaster Resistant

Arizonans are not strangers to severe weather. The state’s monsoon season, which peaks between mid-July and mid-August, brings torrential rains that can cause flash flooding and landslides.

Owners of prefabricated Quonset Huts who have survived direct hits from some of the deadliest storms all over the U.S. say they’ve lived to tell their stories thanks to their disaster-resistant buildings. The metal panels are pre-drilled and pre-punched, making it easier to overlap each one to the next. This is one of the secrets to the arch’s super strength and why arched structures make very effective storm-proof buildings. The buildings are difficult to remove from their foundation because it is almost impossible for strong winds to infiltrate the buildings overlapping joints.

Debris flows from flash flooding can cause damage to infrastructures and property, and in some cases, they can be deadly. SteelMaster’s buildings have deep parallel grooves in the corrugated steel that add to the strength of the already durable buildings. Projectiles can penetrate a traditional building’s walls during debris flows, endangering anything or anyone on the inside. When this same projectile hits an arched, corrugated solid steel building, oftentimes it makes a small dent instead of going all the way through.

Monsoons, as well as dust storms, can also cause strong and destructive winds. SteelMaster’s unique design is made to handle the intense wind pressure characteristic of severe weather and natural disasters. The design of the Quonset Hut evenly distributes the wind load, transferring the pressure to the bottom of each arch. There is no chance of the roof blowing off because there is no separate roof. Each prefabricated, steel arch is bolted together and overlaps to ensure maximum strength when dangerous winds occur. Before the building is even allowed to leave our factory, it is stamped by a licensed, professional engineer. Every building is built to meet Arizona building code requirements.

Due to droughts in the past decade, Arizona has experienced an expanding wildfire season. Those who own steel homes have a better chance of protecting their belongings in such a situation. Some homes have been burned down to their foundation after wildfires overtake them. A SteelMaster Quonset Hut has a much better chance of surviving because an average surface fire on the forest floor can reach temperatures around 1,500 degrees Fahrenheit or more. It takes more than that amount of heat, 2,500 degrees, for steel to even begin to burn.

Agricultural Storage

With widths of up to 150 feet and lengths as long as needed, a steel building can be used for all your agricultural storage needs, from bales of hay to large tractors. Our prefab metal buildings have a clear span design that eliminates beams and trusses, which allows storage of larger equipment.

The largest use of land in Arizona is for animals like beef cattle, goats, sheep, fish, and other animal products. Steel buildings are the perfect place for animals to seek shelter, rest or feed. Steel walls will resist breakage when kicked by animals and have the ability to be open on both ends, one end, or closed if access needs to be limited. Not to mention it’s easy to clean up any mess created by the animals!

Industrial Storage

Mining is also a big industry in Arizona. Mining provides over 43,000 local jobs and contributes over $4 billion to the state’s economy, according to the Arizona Mining Association. Metallic mining is very popular in Arizona, with copper being the most important metallic commodity in the state. Other commodities include gold and silver. Arizona is also well known for its copper-bearing materials like turquoise, peridot, petrified wood, and more.

The clear span design of our metal buildings provides maximum space to store mining equipment like excavators and drilling machines.  Our prefabricated buildings can be quickly installed so work processes are not interrupted.

Metal buildings can also be used to create housing for on-site mining camps. Many people who work in the mining industry can spend as long as four weeks in a row at on-site mining villages. SteelMaster’s Quonset building kits are a great option for these sites because of the many cost and time-saving benefits they offer. Quonset Huts are eco-friendly and reduce energy costs and there’s no need for expensive construction crews or contractors, which saves a ton of money during the building process. One of the biggest advantages of using steel buildings for mining site living is their portability. You can easily disassemble the building, transport it to your next site and reassemble it.

If you’re looking for a building that’s strong, easy to assemble, eco-friendly, and cost-effective, contact one of our design specialists to get a quote today!

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