Metal Canopies

Metal Canopies

Cost effective, durable, and energy-efficient custom steel roofing systems.

Prefab metal canopies kits for commercial use

A metal canopy system provides durable shelter and protection from the elements for a variety of applications. SteelMaster canopies can be designed to meet a wide range of needs. They are delivered to your job site as pre-engineered steel panels, lending themselves to a quick and simple assembly.

Commercial & Industrial Applications

Commercial & Industrial Applications

  • Equipment cover
  • Fleet vehicle storage
  • Workshop canopy
  • Restaurant patio roofing
  • Outdoor event spaces
  • Sun shades

Commercial Building Canopy Projects

The uses for SteelMaster canopies and awnings are endless, from bus stop covers in Oklahoma City to a breezeway at the US Navy’s Joint Expeditionary Base–Little Creek in Norfolk, Virginia. A metal building canopy can be a great investment for both its practicality and its looks.

Metal Patio Canopy – Chrysalis Vineyards

Metal Patio Canopy – Chrysalis Vineyards

The owners of Chrysalis Vineyards came to SteelMaster when they wanted to add a modern touch to their exquisite property. They wanted something that would be durable and economical with a modern look and feel. One vineyard owner wanted a SteelMaster specifically because of the simplicity of the arches and similar aesthetic to adjacent structures.

Vehicle Canopy Shelter – Denver International Airport

Vehicle Canopy Shelter – Denver International Airport

The Denver International Airport in Colorado uses SteelMaster canopies to protect its fleet of vehicles used by the airport’s operations team. The canopies shelter the vehicles year-round, whether it be providing shade during the blazing hot summers or protection from heavy snow loads during winter.

Workshop Canopy Shelter – Walla Wall Community College

Workshop Canopy Shelter – Walla Wall Community College

Walla Walla Community College in Washington added a SteelMaster industrial canopy to cover part of their certified, state-of-the-art welding facility. Students train at the facility and learn to meet certification requirements of manufacturing and construction industries and explore career alternatives related to the welding industry.

Metal Outdoor Canopy Seating – Ranch 616

Metal Outdoor Canopy Seating – Ranch 616

Ranch 616, used a SteelMaster metal canopy to cover their outdoor seating area. Not only do the arches provide shade for restaurant patrons, but the creative design is supposed to resemble the barrel of a gun.

The Ultimate Guide to Metal Canopies

The Ultimate Guide to Metal Canopies

Check out real-life SteelMaster projects & learn more about:

  • The features and benefits of arch-style canopies
  • Step-by-step arch construction
  • Technical specs & certifications

Steel vs. Fabric Canopy

SteelMaster canopies provide superior protection compared to fabric or wood coverings.

SteelMaster’s industrial steel canopies are particularly well-suited to protect all forms of equipment, vehicles and aircraft. Their clear span design provides maximum usable space while also keeping your belongings safe from theft and all types of weather.

Fabric choices, synthetic or natural, will noticeably deteriorate over time and have limited protection from severe storms.

Fast construction
SteelMaster prefabricated canopy covers are often faster and simpler to construct than fabric canopies.
Our commercial-grade steel is minimum 22 gauge, and more durable than fabric.
Need more storage? Additional arches can add extra square footage and help adapt to seasonal needs.
Canopy Quality Steel Fabric
Regular inspection required
HVHZ Certified
Disaster resistant

Why choose a SteelMaster canopy?

For decades, businesses have chosen SteelMaster’s canopies for many reasons.

Saving money on labor costs

SteelMaster canopies are a great option for those looking for an economical solution. You can save money on labor costs because most of our models can be put together quickly by those with minimal construction experience.

Easy build canopy

The steel panels that will make up your canopy come stacked together like Pringles, pre-cut and pre-drilled. Most of our prefabricated DIY kits can be quickly constructed with just a small crew. We also provide the necessary hardware that helps to secure the panels together to form the canopy.


Our canopies are built to last for decades using industrial strength steel. The high-grade steel provides an incredibly strong structure that can survive some of the most severe weather events including tornadoes, snowstorms, and hurricanes.

What’s the difference between a canopy and an awning?

Though the terms can be used interchangeably, a canopy is typically a standalone structure while an awning is attached to a building. The term “canopy building” can also be used to refer to a standalone canopy system.

Our standalone canopies can be used to protect your company’s fleet of vehicles or to shelter heavy equipment. Simple to design and install, a SteelMaster canopy is the most cost-effective of its type on the market.


A curved steel roofing system covering a wooden building with picnic tables underneath

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