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Metal Canopies & Awnings: Kits That Can Stand Alone Or Attach To Buildings

When you’re looking for superior protection from the sun and weather with a modern touch, adding a SteelMaster prefabricated steel canopy or awning can provide the look and quality that you desire.

Our canopy buildings have been used in a variety of ways including providing shade over picnic areas to protect valuable industrial equipment.

What’s the difference between a canopy and awning?

Though the terms can be used interchangeably, a canopy is typically a standalone structure while an awning is attached to a building.

Our standalone canopies can be used to protect your company’s fleet of vehicles or to shelter industrial equipment.

Additionally, you could transform your steel canopy into an awning by assembling it up against your building to create a space for employees or clients to stand under for shade or protection from the weather.

Why should you build a canopy or awning instead of a complete building?

  • Less expensive:   A steel canopy is a very affordable option for those looking for an economical, budget-friendly option. You can save money on labor costs because most of our models can be put together quickly and with no heavy equipment.
  • Easier to build: Most of our prefabricated DIY kits can be quickly constructed with just a small crew and minimal effort. There’s typically no need to hire outside construction companies or contractors. Every steel panel is pre-cut and pre-drilled at the factory to make your steel canopy easier to assemble. We also provide the necessary hardware that helps to secure the panels together to form the canopy or awning.
  • Long-lasting: Our canopies and awnings are built to last for decades using a minimum thickness of 22-gauge steel and a maximum thickness of 12-gauge steel. The heavy grade steel provides an incredibly strong structure that can survive some of the most severe weather events including tornadoes, heavy snowstorms, and dangerous hurricanes.

What are the most popular commercial and industrial applications?

If you need commercial or industrial canopies and awnings, you need a SteelMaster metal canopy kit. From bus stop covers in Oklahoma City to a breezeway at Joint Expeditionary Base–Little Creek in Norfolk, Virginia; the uses are endless.

SteelMaster’s industrial steel canopies are particularly well-suited to protect equipment and vehicles or aircraft. Their clear span design provides maximum usable space while also keeping your belongings out of the elements.

SteelMaster awnings also make excellent spaces for sites located in warmer climates. For example, Artist William Barnhart chose a custom SteelMaster metal canopy to build an eco-friendly bus terminal in Mesa, Arizona. The bus terminal won the covered Crescordia Award for environmental excellence.

Another Texas business, Ranch 616, used a SteelMaster metal canopy to cover their outdoor seating area. Not only do the arches provide shade for restaurant patrons, but the creative design is supposed to resemble the barrel of a gun.

What are other popular applications?

Walla Walla Community College in Washington added a SteelMaster canopy to cover part of their certified, state-of-the-art welding facility. Students train at the facility and learn to meet certification requirements of manufacturing and construction industries and explore career alternatives related to the welding industry.

The owners of Chrysalis Vineyards came to SteelMaster when they wanted to add a modern touch to their exquisite property. They wanted something that would be durable, economical with a modern look and feel. One vineyard owner wanted a SteelMaster specifically because of the corrugation of the arches. This matched the look of the siding of her existing structures.

Scott Arnold, the owner of Texas party hot spot America’s Icehouse, called SteelMaster about another project and learned about our container covers. He purchased the container cover and used it as an awning for the bar’s stage, calling the concept “Steel and Sail.” The bar’s design can be easily duplicated using one or more steel freight containers, a system of steel masts, sails and canopies which helps to create a light, airy, open pavilion.

Why choose an arched canopy or awning?

The strength of the arch design makes your structure naturally suited for high wind and snow loads. SteelMaster’s structures can withstand up to 190 mph winds. Your engineered blueprints will reflect your exact wind load requirement.

Why choose a steel canopy or awning?

When you choose to build with steel, you’re choosing to create a structure that is both strong and durable.  SteelMaster’s industrial metal canopies and awnings are designed to securely protect all valuable assets stored beneath it, all while remaining aesthetically pleasing.

Steel offers several advantages over wood and fabric canopies and awnings:


Heavy grade steel provides an incredibly strong canopy that can withstand the bumps and bangs common to a working structure. Unlike fabric buildings, steel buildings cannot rip or tear.

A rip in a fabric structure can easily spread across the entire cover, which would expose the materials inside the building to the harsh elements.

Low maintenance

Wooden awnings are extremely vulnerable to rot, pests, moisture damage and fire. A wooden or fabric awning that isn’t consistently maintained can be a major eye sore and decrease the value of your property.

Fabric canopies and awnings are also susceptible to mold or rot. Plus, fabric awnings have a much shorter lifespan than steel buildings because wind can cause the metal and fabric to rub together.

This means you’ll have to purchase a replacement cover every few years, leading to higher maintenance costs.

How big can my canopy or awning be?

The strength of this arch system allows our canopies and awnings to be as big or as small as necessary–with lengths from 18′ to 40′ and widths that span from 12′ to 20′.

Why choose SteelMaster for your canopy or awning?

Whether you’re planning a simple project, require a unique application for a building canopy, or need a design that requires additional support from an architect or engineer, count on SteelMaster’s many years of steel building experience to solve your design challenges.

SteelMaster’s industrial awnings are manufactured to perfection. They are made with high quality, commercial strength steel that is engineered to withstand some of the harshest conditions. Our prefab awnings have survived hurricanes, tornadoes, vicious hail storms and even heavy snow loads.


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