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Carports, S-Models Make the Perfect Shelter for Vineyards

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aerial view of multiple steel carports for vineyard

Wine enthusiasts all over the world not only search for the perfect blends to ignite their taste buds, but they also want a great atmosphere to enhance their experience.

Two vineyards came to SteelMaster Buildings to help their bottom line and to give their companies a unique look that certainly helps them stand out among the crowd.

Jennifer McCloud, owner of Chrysalis Vineyards, wanted to blend the historic look of her farm with the more modern look of a SteelMaster structure.

The vineyard, located in Louden County, Virginia, offers some of the most delicious wines including Viognier, Mariposa, and Rubiana. It’s well-known for its unique style of wine tasting and when patrons attend events there, they are treated to an exquisite view of the bright green, rolling foothills of the Piedmont.

To protect customers while they enjoy Chrysalis’ signature brands in the warmth of the sun and cool, crisp country air, McCloud purchased five SteelMaster carports.

She says she searched for other options and found SteelMaster while browsing the Internet.

“We got great pricing and it turned out to be a great addition to our vineyard,” says McCloud.

McCloud wanted something that was going to be durable, economical and aesthetically pleasing. She chose SteelMaster specifically because the corrugated design of our panels matched the siding of her building.

McCloud does not have to worry about maintenance with her SteelMasters. Unlike the tents used in other vineyards, these certainly won’t blow away and they also serve as interesting conversation pieces for customers.

She says her shiny SteelMaster carports in the middle of the greenery of the vineyard help to bring that modern touch she wanted to appeal to different kinds of customers.

two glasses of red wine on picnic blanket in grass

Chrysalis is not the only vineyard using SteelMaster structures; Country Moon Winery in Noblesville, Indiana also purchased a SteelMaster for their vineyard.

Their building is used for wine processing while customers enjoy vineyard tours and private events outside. They are still working on perfecting the interior of the winery.

They desired a building that would be ideal for both processing and sales so they chose a SteelMaster.

Country Moon erected their building back in 2009 and added custom stone end walls, a vertical lift garage door, and a front entrance overhang.

They chose to purchase a SteelMaster because they say they could not find a company that “clicked” with their needs. This was also a money saver because they were able to do the work themselves.

SteelMaster buildings are not only built to last, but they also add a little pizzazz to any modern or traditional landscape.