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3 Ways to Transform Your Quonset Using Medieval Interior Design

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If you’re looking for unforgettable small party venues in Florida, you are in luck! SteelMaster customer Dima H. has built a stunning medieval inspired Quonset that is fit for a Queen.

When you step into Knight Cave Country Club, you are welcomed with medieval interior design and transported back in time. All around you is medieval home décor from knights in shining armor to swords, and shields!

Dima always had a dream to build a unique event space on her property and she did just that. After working in banking for forty years and raising three kids, it was finally the time to turn her dreams into reality.

She said, “I always knew I wanted a party room, and I knew I wanted it to be unique.”

Medieval Style Interior Design

There are three medieval interior design ideas that complete this stunning building transformation from your ordinary Quonset to a medieval experience.

1. Custom door

The front entrance is a showstopper. As you approach Knight Cave Country Club, you are welcomed with a custom door that will lead you into one of the most unique event spaces in Florida. The door is a replica of a castle door, complete with wrought iron and two gas lamps on either side.

2. Painted spray foam interior

Dima chose spray foam insulation for the interior and painted it different shades of brown to achieve the medieval aesthetic. Dima says that is her favorite part of her building! “The insulation perseveres the temperature of the interior,” she said.

3. Medieval décor

Knight Cave Country Club is complete with medieval style interior design to complete the experience. From wine goblets to the elegant fireplace, the medieval house décor makes you feel like you’re in a castle. Dima thought through every little detail to ensure the medieval vibe is as authentic as possible.

Ease of Delivery and Assembly

 Upon delivery, Dima recruited the help of her boyfriend Ettiene Coetzer, his brother Marius Coetzer, and a family friend, Adam Matlock, to erect the arches. Without having any prior building experience, they were able to erect the building in only one week!

Now, Dima has the party room of her dreams, complete with two knights guarding the custom door, and a picturesque pond in the front. And don’t be surprised if you see chickens or other critters crawling around the countryside property!

Positive Experience

Overall, Dima states she had a great experience working with SteelMaster.

Dima said, “We had a wonderful experience with SteelMaster. They are like a family. We called them at all types of hours, and they walked us through everything.”

Now, Dima hosts parties of all kinds, from baby showers, bridal showers, wedding receptions, and more!

Dima is extremely happy with her building.

“There is nothing like it. It’s a very unique structure. I’m really proud of it.”

Interested in hosting an event in Dima’s Quonset? Contact her below:
145 Owl Creek Road
St Augustine, FL 32092