Aircraft Hangars

Aircraft Hangars

Metal hangars that provide long-lasting storage for planes and other equipment.

Steel Aircraft Hangars For Private Planes & Aviation Industry

Protecting aircraft and aviation equipment can be expensive and challenging so it’s nice that you can rely on the highly skilled building specialists at SteelMaster to help you find the perfect, cost-effective aviation storage solution for you.

For planes and airports in any application, we help research and design some of the best quality airport buildings or private hangers you can buy.

Quonset hangars are best for small to mid-sized planes or applications. Our hangar buildings are typically between 20′ and 60′ wide with custom lengths. These sizes are best because they are the most economical to build compared to other types of hangars. The most popular applications include:

  • Private planes (group I and II airplanes)
  • Airport maintenance vehicle buildings
  • Airport building storage
  • Mixed-use hangars

Prefab Hangar Kit Sizes

SteelMaster has a variety of styles and models available to suit any aesthetic preference and budget. Big wingspans require big open spaces and because SteelMaster hangars are arch-style buildings, they require no internal supports so there’s uninterrupted, usable space. 

Small Hangars - 20'W to 40'W

Small Hangars - 20'W to 40'W

Medium Hangars - 40'W to 80'W

Medium Hangars - 40'W to 80'W

Large Hangars - 80'W+

Large Hangars - 80'W+

wide s-model quonset hut hangar with sliding doors that are open with a red and white airplane in the forefront

Airplane hangars ready to ship

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Hangars That Meet Airport Construction Standards

Construction standards for hangars are rigorous both for the safety of anyone using it and to protect the aircraft inside.

Your steel hangar building is rust, solar, water, fire, and disaster-resistant plus it can be configured to meet or beat hangar safety requirements from FAA, NFPA and OSHA.

Every hangar comes with a trusted 40-year warranty so can rely on your building to protect your planes for years to come.

Build Your Own Airport With Prefab Hangar Kits

Hangars can be as simple as a space to securely secure a plane or as complicated as sprawling multi-use aviation buildings. Regardless of its desired use, the SteelMaster team can work with you to plan a hangar building through a four-step process.

1. Choose hangar model

Q-Model and S-Model Quonsets are typically used for hangars.

2. Set hangar size

Quonset huts are most economical for hangar buildings between 20′W and 60′W. However, Quonset hangars be designed in larger widths if needed. The SteelMaster team will consult with you on your plane and additional storage needs to help pick the best size.

3. Decide on hangar doors

Most of our customers who purchase hangars choose to locally source their hangar doors. This gives them more choice in which type of door they use.

Oftentimes, customers can have the door vendor install the door for them.

Some of the most popular hangar door types include:

  • Hydraulic lift door – Uses a hydraulic mechanism to lift up bifold, trifold or no-fold doors, nice but can b
  • Overhead door – Similar to a standard garage door, uses a chain and motor to lift up a sectional wide-span overhead door, more popular with the smallest hangars
  • Sliding hangar doors – Doors that roll on the bottom or top or both to open
  • Open-ended – Provided the hangar can be placed on a protected property, the most practical door is no door and to leave it open-ended.

4. Plan construction

It’s easy to meet a specific deadline when you construct a metal hangar from SteelMaster. All of our buildings are pre-drilled and pre-punched at our factory once you’ve submitted your order, making construction much easier and quicker for crews on your job site.

Our prefab airport building kits only require the use of one size bolt and one size nut to construct.  The ease of construction reduces labor costs associated with building a commercial or residential hangar and the time it takes to erect the structure.

large quonset hut hangar with red endwall and sliding doors and sign in front with picture of couple and words
The building is cost-effective, of the highest quality, the holes all lined up and the support from SteelMaster was great.
Bill L., New York

Customizable Airplane Hangar Buildings

SteelMaster buildings can be customized been used in virtually every aviation application. We’ve worked with NASA to house multi-million dollar space technology and with individual plane owners just looking for a secure, long-lasting solution to keeping their aircraft safe. The versatility of the design of a Quonset hut paired with the strength of corrugated steel all in a package that can be assembled by hand has made our buildings a favorite of the aviation industry and individuals alike.

Airplane Hangar Projects

Malta International Airport

Malta International Airport

Our talented team of commercial engineers has designed airport buildings for companies and localities around the world. SteelMaster was responsible for the design and manufacturing of the Malta International Airport in Europe. The “S Model” steel building is 100 feet wide, 47 feet tall, and 82 feet long. The new facility received its first aircraft, a Bombardier CL-600 Challenger 604 (OE-INY) of VistaJet, the day after it was unveiled by Malta’s prime minister at the time.

Hangars for Aviation Hobbyists

Hangars for Aviation Hobbyists

Customer Bill L. picked up the hobby of flying decades ago and uses his private hangar for his ultralight airplanes. He was able to put his hangar up with a couple of friends.

“We’re do-it-yourselfers and we put it up totally ourselves because I wanted to save labor costs. There were two of us, sometimes other people would come and go to help,” he said.

Bill says the panels of his 70’W X 24’H X 80’L hangar went together perfectly.

“The quality of the SteelMaster building was superb, all the holes lined up,” Bill said. “We did not have to drill once, out of 13,500 holes. It was phenomenal.”

Get Inspired

We hope some of our customers’ most impressive projects will inspire you to get started on your own Quonset hut structure. See all articles.