q model quonset building for agricultural use

Professional Grow Rooms & DIY Indoor Farming

Indoor farming and grow rooms have increased in popularity because they’re practical, use less water than traditional farming, and allow for more control over a plant or fungi’s growing environment. The best grow room plans include a building that is:

  • Climate controlled
  • Easy to clean
  • Usable space
  • Cost-effective
  • Customization

Easy Climate Control For Grow Buildings

Depending on what you’re growing and where you are, controlling the ambient temperature and humidity can be crucial for your growing operation. Quonset hut buildings can be engineered for precise climate control because of the features and accessories available.

A model with steel endwall with rollup door, man door and vent
Quonsets can be configured to include louver and turbine vents that allow the right amount of air circulation for plants.
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Interior of insulated quonset hut with man door
Insulation Options
While not always needed, adding grow room insulation is an option to help control the interior temperature.
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Water Resistant Construction – Easy To Clean & Maintain

Too much moisture in the air or repeated exposure to water ruins many traditional buildings, posing a real problem for grow rooms with plants that thrive in higher-humidity environments or any consistent wet conditions. Quonsets provide a few key advantages for humid or wet indoor farms:

Rust-Proof Steel
All of our Quonset huts are coated in water-repellent and rust-inhibitive Galvalume Plus so your grow room can be as humid as it needs to be.
Interior of Insulated Quonset hut with 3 roll up doors
Insulation Vapor Barriers
If needed insulation provides a vapor barrier between the humidity (or lack of humidity) outside reducing the condensation on the inside.
Commercial Grade Steel
Our buildings are made of durable, heavy-grade steel so you won’t have to worry about severe storms or frequent building repairs.
Little-to-No Maintenance
If your grow room gets dirty on the inside or out, you can just hose it down to get it clean.

100% Usable Space For HVAC, Storage & Grow Lights

  • Overhead space for lighting
  • HVAC system and piping
  • Ventilation systems
  • Added storage room

Space in grow rooms is always at a premium so having a Quonset building that has no beams, trusses or walls is a huge advantage. Oftentimes, it can be better, easier, and more cost-effective to build a new, dedicated custom grow room than to retrofit an older building.

Your building can be designed to be a full-room grow house or divided up into different rooms depending on your needs. Taking advantage of the limitless interior space can be very beneficial to growers.

A SteelMaster metal warehouse can be used as an all-in-one growing facility, extraction lab, and distribution center.

Because of the unlimited interior space, vehicles can easily access the building for loading and unloading as well as plenty of room to configure key elements of your grow room.

Interior of quonset hut with machinery

The low maintenance aspect is nice. Being a small crew, we don’t want to spend time taking care of the building, especially long term.
Gary H., Colorado

Cost Effective, Designed For Growth

Pricing Factors Standard Commercial Grow Room Quonset Grow Room
Interior Finishing Required Yes No
Easily Expandable No Yes
Maintenance Standard Low maintenance
Construction Time Standard Quick kit assembly

According to Buildings Guide, the average commercial building cost is between $16 and $20 per square foot.

SteelMaster offers steel buildings in a variety of sizes ranging from 10’ to 150’ in width, and the price of each building is approximately $8 to $12 per square foot.

This is partly because standard commercial buildings typically require finishing in the interior and they can cost a great deal in construction labor.

Comparatively, Quonset huts only require insulation or finishing in more extreme environments or with grow rooms with strict climate control needs and because Quonset’s are delivered as prefab grow house kits, the construction takes a fraction of the time.

Additionally, SteelMaster’s metal buildings come in a variety of sizes and can be customized for grow operations of all sizes, now and into the future.

When your business expands, your building can as well—without the costly renovations. Our buildings can easily expand with extra steel panels on the existing structure allowing you to add more grow racks or supplies storage.

The lower maintenance with steel buildings also means you’ll not only get more building for a better price but it will also have cheaper long-term costs.

Steel garage with white garage dorr in field with grass surrounding gravel driveway
steel arcj building cactus plants concrete paths dispensary glass doors neon signs

Quonsets For Advanced Marijuana Cultivation

With the legalization of marijuana, cultivation methods have been getting more advanced and precise. Further, the global legal marijuana market is expected to reach $146.4 billion by the end of 2025, according to Grand View Research, so cultivation companies, of all sizes, are investing large amounts into building more grow houses and many are choosing to build a “grow hut” to get an edge in the ever-more crowded market.

For Marijuana operations some key Quonset advantages include:

  • Larger building sizes and expandability allow for growth, cultivation, and extraction to take place within the same building
  • The strength of a steel building, security doors, and cameras all make marijuana grow operations safer and less susceptible to theft
  • Grow room customizations, like roll-up doors, windows, or vents can all be configured with your Quonset hut “shell.”

Parts & Accessories Growers Choose For Quonsets

There are several ways to customize your SteelMaster Quonset Hut grow house. We offer a variety of parts and accessories that will help create the best environment for the growing process. Some of these can be configured with your grow building while others need to be considered during grow operation design.

Top of Quonset hut
Interior of Quonset hut with 3 skylights with custom wooden endwalls
  • Insulation – Keeps humidity stable and protects plants against outside temperatures
  • Vents – Let fresh air for plants in, keeps insects, birds, and other pests out
  • Skylights – Allow natural sunlight to reach plants and brighten the room
  • Security doors – Lock out the outside world with secure steel doors