Cost-Effective Quonset Huts Are The Practical Choice

It is possible to have it all—amazing quality for a low price. That’s what SteelMaster offers customers who choose to build their own metal Quonset Huts™.

Quonset Huts™ have been around for over 75 years, and every year SteelMaster discovers new ways to make them better without breaking the bank.


You may have even seen the Quonset Hut referred to by many names including quanza hut, kwanzaa hut, or the Nissen hut. No matter how you find us, we offer the same quality at an affordable price.

We’ve sold to a variety of customers all over the world who have used our steel panels to create all kinds of Quonset structures. From the small tool shed in the backyard of a home in rural America to a massive factory in Asia, SteelMaster can deliver the right building for an affordable price.

Quonset hut pricing factors

Prices for Quonset huts can start as low as $9 per square foot. When calculating the cost of your building, it’s important to consider several important factors.

Building Use & Size

Are you using your Quonset hut as a garage to protect your vehicle from the elements, or a house? The size and use of your building can impact the thickness/amount of steel used, which can increase the price of your building.

Site Location

Wind and snow load requirements may require different designs or a thicker gauge of steel, which can save or cost additional money.

Assembly Method

The majority of SteelMaster customers assemble their buildings themselves. However, some hire contractors or outside help at an additional cost, which will increase their overall building price.


Customization options, such as parts and accessories, should be priced into your Quonset hut budget.

Although SteelMaster offers competitive pricing, that should never be the primary factor when deciding on a building. As with any product, the lowest price on the market is not always the best option. Other companies may lure unsuspecting customers with super low prices, but when you read the fine print, you’ll realize you get exactly what you pay for–low quality and little assistance.

You won’t find any gimmicks at SteelMaster. Half of our customers are actually referrals from other customers who are still happy with their buildings even years after their purchase.

Our 3,000 square foot house, with two levels, came in at a cost less than two thirds of what it would have cost using conventional, stick built methods.
Andy W., New York
S-Model workshop with yellow front end wall and double entry doors stained dark

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