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Mining Industry Solutions: Equipment Building Storage & Sheds

The mining of metal dates back to pre-historic times. Throughout history, mining has widened to include the extraction of fossil fuels like petroleum, coal and natural gas. No matter what materials you mine or where you are located, SteelMaster’s team of project managers will help you find a durable building that will fit your needs.

Why does SteelMaster shine in the mining industry?

Clear span design

One of the biggest benefits of purchasing a SteelMaster mining storage building is its clear span design. Because the envelope of our building is self-supporting, there’s no need for beams and trusses. This leaves 100 percent usable space inside of the structure to store bulk materials and expensive mining equipment.

High quality steel

SteelMaster’s storage buildings are made with a minimum thickness of 22 gauge steel and they are coated with a layer of Galvalume Plus that protects these buildings from the harshest environments. Our heavy grade steel Quonset Huts can withstand the bangs and bumps that come with a working building.

Ease of delivery

SteelMaster can easily deliver mining buildings to the most remote locations worldwide. Because a SteelMaster structure is composed of an easy to assemble multi-panel system, accessing difficult to reach locations is made simple. Minera Gold Fields, the company that runs the Cerro Corona Mine in Peru, uses SteelMaster buildings for their mining operations.  The mine is located in the eastern slope of the western Andes, between 3,600 to 4,000 meters above sea level.


When work is finished at one mining site, SteelMaster Quonset Huts can be taken apart and moved to the next location.  The size and design of your mining building will determine the best way to move it. All you have to do is uncouple the building arches into manageable sections and rebuild the structure in the new desired location.

The Ultimate Guide to Industrial Buildings

The Ultimate Guide to Industrial Buildings

Check out real-life SteelMaster projects & learn more about:

  • The features and benefits of arch-style industrial buildings
  • Step-by-step arch construction
  • Technical specs & certifications
S-Model Quonset hut with a single traffic cone in front.

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Michael DudleyMichael Dudley
17:58 19 Dec 22
Gordon My Consultant gave Good information as well as, Conversation & He was knowledgeableAbout the things I was concerned about, which made it easy to Decide.Now We will see if the installation goes as smooth as the sale . .Michael
J DonajkowskiJ Donajkowski
14:03 11 Nov 22
Customer service (Evan & Elizabeth) have been outstanding during the pricing stage and answering any questions. Works with the customer from start to finish. Stays in touch to explain every step from ordering to process of delivery.Will work with you on pricing. Product specifications seem of high quality.Waiting on delivery and excited to erect the building.
Peter BorsPeter Bors
17:34 28 Oct 22
Steelmaster was excellent to work with, Barrett and Matt made the process very simple and got me exactly the kit that I wanted. The shipping was fast, Jason the truck driver was excellent; he had great communication with his ETA, great backing skills, and was friendly. The kit was fun and enjoyable to put together, having previous experience from doing a Quonset about 15 years really helped, plus the fact of having cordless tools now (which weren’t popular/ were very expensive back then) made the process much easier. Once you get the first few arches up the building gets quite stiff and you can walk away from the project until you have time or bad weather improves, then with every bolt after that you can feel how strong it becomes. Very strong design and good metal. The building should last many many years, I wouldn’t be surprised if it outlives me. Thank you SteelMaster!
Barbara RienerBarbara Riener
18:37 29 Aug 22
SteelMaster buildings are very beautiful clean lines no worries of insects. Maintenance free. Definitely need four men to build.
Bus Grease MonkeyBus Grease Monkey
18:52 03 Sep 21
We received multiple wrong arch pieces, defective pieces and was even shorted an entire arch piece. However since it was more than 30 days from delivery their “firm 30 day policy” was stated as the reason they wouldn’t replace the pieces. 1/2 of the anchor bolt brackets were also wrong. Directions were horrible and YouTube videos from others were way more helpful. Their customer support people do not understand the products and tech support are not very experienced at building their structures. The tech support person i spoke to said he assembled one in a parking lot before. We have video of the wrong panels, missing panel and manufacturing defective panels that we received. Metal strapping used to ship also caused damage to pieces.They have reached out to resolve our issues. I will update when the have completed the delivery of the missing parts.They did step up and replace the damaged and missing pieces but i highly suggest you inventory and inspect everything during delivery. It will take hours to check everything but you don’t want to go through fighting to get the right parts.We do really like the building it’s a shame the customer service didn’t do the right thing from the first contact because they would have been able to avoid a lot of negative feelings.