Steel Quonset Hut Buildings

Quonset hut buildings, or Q-Models, are the foundation of the SteelMaster business. These arch-style metal buildings are renowned for their amazing strength and limitless versatility.

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From standard sheds and garages to custom buildings and complex commercial applications, if you can dream it, the chances are that we can help you build it. For over 40 years we’ve worked with customers to design, engineer, ship and deliver buildings across the world. Check out some of the most popular applications and how easy buying and erecting a building can be.

If you’re ready to start, contact our project specialists team to get more details. We certainly have a Quonset Hut for sale that meets your unique needs. Our steel Quonset Hut price provides the best value anywhere around.

Learn More About Quonset Huts

By definition, a Quonset Hut™ is a lightweight, half-round pre-fabricated structure made of corrugated galvanized steel or iron – but there’s a lot more to Quonset huts!

From their roots in WWI and WWII to the new steel technology that can withstand natural disasters while being eco-friendly, there is a lot you can learn about Quonset huts.

The experts at SteelMaster share their insights and perspective about why and how Quonsets are considered to be one of the most durable, easy to construct and affordable building options.

Quonsets As Houses & Architectural Design

SteelMaster engineered and designed a newer, stronger structure based on the historic Quonset Hut design known as the Q-model. While the original purpose was to provide a better alternative to straight-wall steel buildings and more traditional-style buildings, the practicality and cost efficiency of the new Q-model quickly found custom applications such as houses and as part of architectural design.

Local Building Resources

Our Quonset Hut kits can be used for a number of different applications from a simple tool shed in the backyard of any rural American town to a massive, climate-controlled factory in Chile so no matter where you are in the world we can engineer a building solution tailored just to your needs.

SteelMaster’s Quonset huts are the best-value prefab metal buildings on the market.

Our modular steel structures are simple to construct. They can be assembled by a team of two to five people within a matter of days.

SteelMaster makes the building process much easier than a traditional building because our structures only require one size nut and bolt to assemble.

The Ancient Arch Meets Modern Steel Building Engineering

SteelMaster evolved the Quonset into a new type of building that combines the classic architectural strength of the arch with 21st-century technology that allows it to be designed and engineered to handle all types of climates and conditions. The Quonset Hut was nicknamed the “q-model” to honor these structures’ historical significance.

q model quonset building in the old days

The Quonset Hut comes in many different styles and goes by several different names.

Regional name variations for this round arch structure include Nissen huts, Romney huts, Jamesway huts, Daniel Houses, T-Rib Quonset huts, Stran-Steel huts, or Cowin Huts.

There are just as many interesting ways to spell this hut’s unique name including quanset, kwanza, kwansit, quansa, quonsat, and q-model.

Over the years, SteelMaster has continued to develop the original Quonset design and engineering to better serve the original goal of the hut: to provide an all-purpose prefabricated steel building or roofing structure that can be shipped anywhere in the world and constructed quickly and easily.