Build Your Dream Quonset Hut Home

Instead of spending months searching through listings to find the perfect home, families all over the world are choosing to build their own dream Quonset Hut houses.

Arch houses are becoming a popular alternative because of the many cost and time-saving benefits they offer.

With a fully customizable design and a construction cost that beats traditional housing, it shouldn’t be a surprise that prefab steel Quonset huts are becoming more popular.

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Choose Your Quonset Home Type

Unlike existing or many newly made homes, Quonset huts houses are all custom designed to order. No matter the size or special features you need, chances are we can design a Quonset home that’s perfect for you. These are some of our more popular Quonset house styles.

Add Your Custom Built Housing Kit

SteelMaster provides essential accessories for Quonset huts, like steel endwalls and service doors, but most homebuyers prefer to use local contractors to turn their building into a home. Regardless of the model or style of Quonset home you choose, you have the ultimate freedom to design a home around your needs. Here are some of the more popular house customization options.

Open Floor Plan
Our Quonset Hut kits feature a completely open layout because they have no beams or walls to obstruct the interior of the structure. This allows customers the option to use every inch of the interior space to create an open-concept floor plan with no interior columns.

Interior of S model quonset hut home with wooden beams and 2nd floor and windows in the endwall
Q Model quonset hut home with wooden endwall with windows and partially recessed with front porch

Locally Crafted Endwalls
The possibilities are endless when it comes to your Quonset hut home’s endwalls. Because the building’s endwalls do not support the structure, you can pretty much design them however you want! If you plan on doing custom endwalls, it is recommended to purchase materials locally to save money.

Doors & Windows
The amount and placement of windows and doors on the endwalls are up to you. If you’re interested in adding side windows or doors, be sure to mention it to your building specialist so they can factor this into your building’s design.

Q model quonset hut home with wooden endwall with windows
A model quonset hut home with front porch and pink door with pink flower tree in front

You can add a traditional porch to your building by attaching it to your endwall or insetting your endwall to create an arched overhang.

Elevated Foundation Options
While many customers attached their buildings to concrete slabs, others use alternative foundations that include. Engineers design a standard foundation that will appear on your state-stamped blueprints and there are other options for alternate foundations and this can be discussed with your building specialist.

Q model quonset hut home on elevated foundation with black endwall with stone trim and wrap around porch
Q model quonset hut home with dark red endwall with windows

“We looked at prefab homes, log cabins. I wanted something that was maintenance free and was neat-looking. [My wife] found [a Quonset hut] and fell in love with it. We love the open floor plan and efficiency of such a modern structure.”
Tom W., Missouri

How To Buy And Build A Prefab Home Kit

Building your home is an overlapping two-part process of procuring what you need to build your home and getting your home built.

S Model quonset hut with custom endwall of vinyl and steel with stone trim
S model quonset hut home with custom endwall and front porch
S model quonset hut tiny home with wooden endwall
S model quonset hut home with custom endwall with windows

What You Need To Buy Your Home

Many people love the idea of using a Quonset hut as a home, but they don’t know how complex the project can be. Here are some things you should consider before purchasing a Quonset hut home:

  • Funding: Research the total cost of building a Quonset hut home including but not limited to: property, foundation, assembly, and interior construction
  • Land to put it on: Be sure to purchase or have plans to purchase property to build your Quonset hut home
  • Zoning approval:Do your due diligence with your county to see if they will allow you to build a Quonset hut home in your area

Quonset Hut Home Building Process

  • Select a home model: The Q-Model and S-Model are most commonly used for homes, but you may also build a home with an A-Model and X-Model.
  • Set home size: Work with your home specialist to choose a size that will accommodate your house plans.
  • Purchase prefab house kit: Kickstart your Quonset hut home journey.
  • Finalize design: Get blueprints and work with an architect to design your ideal floor plan.
  • Construction: Hire someone to assemble the building, or do it yourself!
Q model quonset hut home with front porch and wooden endwall with glass front door
Q model quonset hut home with custom endwall of woode, brick and vinyl with wiindows
S model quonset hut with custom endwall of grey brick with windows
A model quonset hut with custom endwall painted landscape

Construction Time Cost Savings

40×40 Wood House 40×40 Brick House 40×40 Quonset Home
Framing Exterior Walls 32 Hrs 32 Hrs Not Applicable
Adding Roof Trusses 10 Hrs 10 Hrs Not Applicable
Wall Siding 50 Hrs Not Applicable Not Applicable
Roofing 8 Hrs 8 Hrs Not Applicable
Total Build Time 100 Hrs 50 Hrs 24 Hrs*

*Average estimate, time may vary by size of building and amount of construction experience.

Building a new home can be extremely costly due to the materials, labor, and overall construction time. The longer it takes to build your home, the more costly it will be. That is why Quonset homes are the most cost effective option. The building time is minimal compared to a wood or brick home. Many owners of Quonset homes can assemble their homes themselves, or with the help of a contractor in just a couple of weeks.

Assembly of S model quonset hut
Interior of Quonset hut building with wooden framing
Assembly of A model quonset hut

Low Maintenance – Never Replace Your Roof!

40×40 Wood House 40×40 Brick House 40×40 Quonset Home
Roof Repair $5k-$10K $5k-$10K $0
Roof Replacement $15K-$30K $15K-$30K  $0
Painting $5k-$10K N/A  $0*
40 Year Warranty NO NO YES

*Painting optional but not required

The costs associated with maintaining a home can be overwhelming. Homeowners must budget for wear and tear in order to maintain the value. Typically, Quonset hut homes do not require the same amount of maintenance and will always hold their value. They are built to be fire, tornado, and hurricane-resistant and can withstand high winds and heavy snow loads.

“It was the easiest that I’ve ever had to deal with anybody. Customer service was awesome. It was super painless. It worked out perfectly, exactly how I was hoping it would work.”
Peter G., Hawaii

Q model quonset hut home overlooking the water

DIY Or DIWH Housing Solution

  • Do-It-Yourself

    For smaller projects and for people who have a broad base of construction experience, many of the smaller houses we sell are assembled by one person.

  • Do-It-With-Help

    For larger projects with more complexity, the majority of Quonset houses can be put together by a small team.

  • Have It Built For You

    Once the driver is within 24 hours of delivery, he will contact you for a final confirmation of arrival time.

Eco-Friendly, Sustainable Housing

If environmental sustainability and eco-friendliness are important factors for building your next home, a Quonset hut is most likely the best choice.

When designing and planning your eco-friendly home, Quonset’s also prove unique home customization options that will further reduce your carbon footprint:

  • Multi-angled skylights that refract more light (3x more light)
  • High-efficiency windows
  • Integration with onsite renewable energy generation
  • Custom endwalls made with sustainable materials
  • Ventilation systems and/or insulation for better energy-free climate control
Q model quonset hut with custom recessed endwall
S model quonset hut with grey brick and window endwall with built in 2 story porch
Solar panels on top of steel quonset hut

SteelMaster’s metal Quonset hut home kits are made of at least 80 percent recycled steel. Additionally, they are covered in Energy Star-rated Galvalume Plus. This organic coating reduces energy consumption by reflecting heat–keeping your house cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter and doesn’t pose any threat to the environment surrounding your home.

Unlike traditional “stick-built” homes, your Quonset hut home kit will come with the exact amount of panels, nuts, and bolts you need, leaving little to no excess waste after assembly.