Custom steel garages that protect what’s important to you.

Quonset Garage Kits Customized To Any Need

Strength, versatility, and affordability are just a few of the reasons why customers around the world come to SteelMaster when they need a steel Quonset hut garage.

If you need to store items in bulk, protect your collection of classic cars, hot rods, or a safe space for your RV, the SteelMaster team works with you to determine the most important features to design a garage that fits your needs.


Popular Metal Garage Kits

From one car to two cars to aircraft hangar-sized – we have the custom garage solution to fit your budget and vehicle size(s). Check out some of the most popular prefab metal garages we offer. We work directly with you to design and plan your custom garage to provide you with the storage space you need at the price you want.

One Car Garage

One Car Garage

A standard one car garage is typically 12′ x 22′ but the exact dimensions, model type and endwall configurations can be up to you.

Two Car Garage

Two Car Garage

Our two car garages usually range between 20′ – 25′ wide with length and endwalls chosen by you (about 22+’ long with a garage door endwall).

Oversized Garage

Oversized Garage

If you’re looking for a larger building to store more than just your cars, an oversized garage is a cost-effective option.

RV Garage

RV Garage

Protect one of the biggest purchases with you RV with a garage that can withstand the test of time and be big enough to fit your camper and supplies.

Pricing factors for vehicle storage

How much does it cost to build a steel garage? Our Quonset hut garages can range from $5,500 to $20,000+. When calculating the cost of your ideal garage, it’s important to consider several important factors.

Garage use

Is your garage just going to protect your vehicle from the elements or are you building a multi-use garage with a workshop area or extra space and loft?

Garage size

Depending on the number and size of the cars or trucks or campers, the length of and width, the amount steel used, impact garage building costs.

Click here for more information about garage dimensions!

Site location

Wind and snow load requirements for a garage may require different designs or a thicker gauge of steel which can save or cost when building a garage.

Garage component parts

Customization options, like garage doors, endwalls and any weather proofing (if needed), should be priced into your garage budget.

Quonset assembly method

A majority of our customers assemble their garages themselves. However, some opt to hire a contractor at an additional cost, which can increase their overall building price.

A-model Quonset hut with walkway, garden, and vent on the top of the end wall.

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Garage endwall configurations

Garage with Custom Front Endwall

Garage with Custom Front Endwall

Open-Ended Garage

Open-Ended Garage

Steel Endwall Garage

Steel Endwall Garage


Average garage sizes per vehicle

If you just need a little more space for your tools or a massive storage garage for fleet storage, SteelMaster has a perfect-sized garage for you. The most common garage sizes range between 20 feet and 40 feet with the three most popular being 24 x 24, 30 x 40 and 40 x 60.

Garage Type Width Length Approx. Square Footage
One Car 12' – 20'+ 20' – 24'+ 240 – 480+
Two Car 20' – 30' 20' – 30' 400 – 900
Oversized 30'+ 30'+ 900'+
RV Garage 20' – 30'+ 30' – 50'+ 600 – 1,500+

Other Popular Garage Sizes: 24×30 | 24×36 | 30×30 

Prefab Kit Power: Quonset Garage Advantage

SteelMaster’s disaster-resistant garages can survive the worst severe weather events, protecting your vehicles and belongings from practically any storm.
With a custom prefabricated garage kit, we create the blueprints and do the engineering so all you have to do is assemble the arches and raise them to construct your garage.
Delivery & Logistics
Garages can be delivered anywhere a tractor-trailer can drive to or directly to the closest port, arriving with everything you need to start protecting your vehicles.
"[The building] withstood all of the wind that I was told it would withstand,” he said. “I would recommend one to anybody. I’m living proof that it will hold the wind."
Sammy Allen, Florida

DIY Garage Building Planning Specs

Design & Planning

          1. Set your budget – Quonset hut garages can be very cost-conscious or lavish, up to your budget
          2. Determine your size needs – With your budget in mind, choose the appropriate a one-car, two-car or oversized garage size.
          3. Select garage customizations – Endwalls, garage doors, service doors, windows and several other custom parts need to be planned for
          4. Talk to our engineer – Every garage or building we sell comes with state-stamped blueprints that are personalized to your exact site location and storage needs


Model Types Q, A, S, X, C, R Fire Rating Type II (Non-combustible)
Steel Gauge 22-12 Wind Rating Up to 190 mph
Steel Grade 80 Snow Load Rated for building location
Corrugation Depth 7.5″ – 9.75″ HVHZ Certified Yes

Warranties and Consulting

Building Provider SteelMaster Buildings State Stamped Blueprints Included
Years in Business Over 40 years Snow & Wind Load Analysis Included
Warranty 50 Years Free Quote Included
Building Specialist Consultation  Included LEED Certification Upon Request
The Ultimate Guide to Garages

The Ultimate Guide to Garages

Check out real-life SteelMaster projects & learn more about:

  • The features and benefits of arch-style garages
  • Step-by-step arch construction
  • Technical specs & certifications


How much does it cost to build a Quonset garage?

Prices for Quonset garage kits typically range between $5,500 – $20,000+. There is a large range of pricing because of the numerous customization and building options for Quonset huts.

Are metal garage kits cheap?

Yes, metal garage kits can be a much more cost-effective building choice over other traditional or lower-quality vehicle storage options.

How long will my steel garage last?

Properly treated with Galvalume Plus to protect the steel from the elements, metal garages can last many decades with warranties of up to 50 years.

How do I design and plan a garage building?

Start by defining your needs, then select the right size and customization options and work with our building specialists to generate your state-stamped and approved garage blueprints.

What garage size do I need?

The size of your garage is defined by the number or type of vehicles you wish to store and any additional space you’d need. On average, a standard two-car garage usually starts at about 20 x 20. However, you can go much larger if you have the space and need for it.

Learn more about our garage dimensions here!

“When people come in, lots of people walk through the door and everybody thinks it looks cool because it’s more unique.”
Greg Henderson, Michigan

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