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Stunning Quonset Hut Apartment with Garage in Florida

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Looking for a Strong Shed

When Patrick Ropella first contacted SteelMaster, he was looking for a shed to store his tools.

“I moved all the tools into one of your buildings that I put behind my corporate headquarters, which looks like a Mediterranean estate,” Patrick said. “When I saw how easy it was to put up and how fast it went up and the cost in comparison to putting up a stick building, I thought it was actually kind of fun.”

Patrick decided to purchase a second building to use as a place to stay when he and his wife visit the Ropella corporate office in Milton, Florida.

“We thought ‘Let’s just do something cool to put on the property next to the other SteelMaster building and make it look like they all go together,’” Patrick said.

Patrick and his wife have extensive experience in building and renovating homes. Initially, the couple planned on creating a simple garage with an apartment on the second floor.

“Once we started rolling, we decided to do it right and decked it out. We have 1,200 square feet on the lower level and 1,200 square feet on the upper level. We also added a large deck off the back of it and enclosed the area below that deck, where we’re planning to put in a large spa for my wife.”

Easy Assembly

It only took Patrick and a few employees to assemble the entire shell of the building.

“Me and three of my employees had a fun couple of weekend projects with a lift and we built it ourselves,” he said. “We did it partly because I thought it would go by faster and be less expensive to build than a stick-built building to get the shell done, but we also had a lot of fun doing it. That was one of the main reasons I did it.”

In addition to building and renovating homes, Patrick and his wife also do interior design work for their properties.

“Every one of [our properties], once built and decorated, was really unique from super contemporary to Mediterranean to a log home in the woods. All the spaces that we design and build, anything we buy, we redo it from scratch because we both love art and design.”

Patrick is also considering purchasing another SteelMaster building to assemble on his property. 

“We’re thinking about adding another one on our property for more offices with the idea that we would do a big two-story, a 30’ X 80’. The upper level would be my art studio, exercise studio and tv studio and the lower level would be all offices.” 

High Quality Materials

Overall, Patrick says he was impressed with the quality of SteelMaster’s product and the professionalism of our team.

“I think the quality of what you guys built is really tight, no issues there. The quality of your blueprints and the delivery was perfect, I had zero issues with any of that,” he said. [Commercial Project Manager Courtney Pritchard] has been super professional.”

From the basic tool shed to a living space, SteelMaster has you covered. Contact one of our building specialists to bring your design to life today!