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Customer Uses Quonset Hut to Protect Cars From the New England Winters

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Side view of quonset with white garage door, snow on ground and on top of building

Located over two-thousand feet above sea level and a stone’s throw away from Mount Greylock, Jeff C. built a SteelMaster building to protect his auto repair shop during the harsh New England winters.

S-model quonset garage, custom white endwall, front entrance, white garage door, RV and trees to sideSpecializing in wheel alignments, Jeff needed a building that could easily allow for large trucks to enter his workspace. By ordering his building at seventeen feet tall, Jeff was able to lift his customers’ trucks into the air, making his job much more convenient.

“To build a similar building of its size would be quite a bit more expensive.”

Among many others, Jeff’s biggest positives about his building are its cost-effectiveness and the many different uses that it offers.

“Whatever you can envision doing within the walls of these buildings, you can do.”

Jeff also told SteelMaster how he capitalized on the versatility of his Quonset hut to fit his exact needs. To combat the cold, a radiant heating system was installed within the floor. To fit large trucks into the building, a 20×12 foot door was added to the front of the Quonset Hut.

“I have as much in the foundation of the building as much as the ceiling.”

inside of quonset structure facing white endwall and front entrance door

Despite needing knee surgery as well as having little experience, Jeff built his Quonset hut over the short span of a month. Jeff gathered a few friends to help build the structure in small increments over the weekends.

“Once you get a good method and you have the right crew, it can flow a lot quicker.”

Carintit worked with Noah Taylor and stated that he felt great success with the SteelMaster sales director. If there were any glitches, Noah fixed them immediately. After being satisfied with the building’s capabilities, Jeff referred two of his nearby friends to buy similar SteelMaster buildings.

“Overall, my experience has been completely positive. I haven’t had any real problems.”