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Man Assembles Outbuilding Garage to Match Property

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S-model quonset garage, custom panel and stone endwall, dark brown garage doorAt the end of his driveway, SteelMaster customer Jack K. has an outbuilding garage with four bays, which store his pickup truck, personal vehicle, and equipment for his pet rescue endeavors. He had just enough space to add one more building.

He needed an additional outbuilding shed to store seasonal equipment; however, he had a clear vision in mind. His goal was for the outbuilding design to match his pre-existing structures.

Custom Front End Wall

He said, “If I couldn’t get the new building to match, then it wouldn’t be standing.” Luckily, Jack had leftover materials from prior remodeling projects that would bring his vision to life. Growing up, Jack had helped his dad on several remodeling projects and had a collection of leftover lumber, paint, etc., which all went into this project! He was even able to use old garage doors and repurpose them.

He was able to match the vinyl siding and stonework, making the steel outbuilding look like it was part of the plan from the beginning.

Why He Chose a Metal Outbuilding

When researching outbuilding storage ideas, he was drawn to Quonset-style buildings due to his prior knowledge of the structures. His father was an ex-marine and would, “talk about Quonsets all the time.”

Throughout WWII, his town of Schenectady was an industrial hub for the war effort. Several Quonsets were built and are still standing today. So, Jack knew that they were not only durable but also cost-efficient.

He also said, “The price was right,” and he wanted something that, “looked doable, or something I could put up myself.”

Ease of Outbuilding Construction

That is exactly why Jack was looking into outbuilding kits and chose a prefab outbuilding. Despite him having little to no outbuilding construction experience, Jack, his two cousins, and a friend were able to erect the building in only 3 days!

Now, he has a steel outbuilding for his equipment, as well as a space to show off his impressive collection of tin signs from his years on the road working as an engineer.

Overall Satisfaction

Jack is extremely happy with his experience with SteelMaster. He was happy with:

  • Customer service
  • High-quality product
  • Quick and easy assembly
  • Ability to add custom end walls

“Everything worked out well. I’m happy with the product and the responsiveness and customer service were better than the competitors.”

Jack’s project is an inspiration to others who are thinking about purchasing outbuilding kits. He said, “All you need is a little imagination, and it doesn’t have to turn out to be an industrial-style building.”

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