SteelMaster’s durable metal warehouses offer ideal storage and production space solutions for businesses and property owners.

Cost-Effective Metal Warehouses Perfect for Your Bottom Line

Finding adequate storage can pose a major problem for any sized business or enterprise. Renting warehouse space and traditional warehouse building construction can be expensive options while buying an existing warehouse with all of the features you desire can be challenging.

SteelMaster has come up with a simple, cost-effective solution: steel warehouse building kits that are affordable, can be delivered quickly, are fast to build, and have a 40-year warranty.

Most Popular Warehouse Sizes

Most Popular Warehouse Sizes

  • 20′ x 30′ +
  • 40′ x 40′ +
  • 60′ x 80′ +
  • 80 x 120′ +

Our prefabricated warehouse kits can range from 20’ to 80’ in width with no limits on length and are extremely cost-effective. With 100% usable space on the inside of buildings, there will be plenty of room for large trucks, machinery, inventory, and large tools.


Industrial Warehouse Projects


Most Popular Warehouse Models

SteelMaster’s S-Model and A-Model are the more popular for warehouse buildings due to their straight sidewalls that allow warehouse pallet racking or shelving to be placed against the wall. Both models provide overhead space for taller items or a lofted area.



The S-Model is our most requested warehouse solution. With straight sidewalls and a rounded roofline, it’s a “well-rounded” option. This model can easily accommodate larger widths and is ideal for bigger warehouses.



The A-Model looks the most like a traditional “straight wall” steel building. Its 4:12 roof pitch gives it a gable appearance. This model is most cost effective at 40’ wide and under, so it is ideal for warehouses for smaller “boutique” businesses or businesses that desire multiple small warehouse buildings.

Side view of Q-Model Quonset hut with background of sunset.

Warehouse buildings ready to ship

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The Ultimate Guide to Industrial Buildings

The Ultimate Guide to Industrial Buildings

Check out real-life SteelMaster projects & learn more about:

  • The features and benefits of arch-style commercial and industrial buildings
  • Step-by-step arch construction
  • Technical specs & certifications

Clear Span Quonset vs. Steel Frame Warehouse Pricing & Advantages

Warehouses that are based on the Quonset hut architecture can be considered “frameless” because they require no beams or trusses. This provides some key advantages when it comes to pricing out your warehouse. Prefabricated steel warehouse costs are significantly lower than a traditional style building primarily due to ease of construction. Depending on how basic your needs are, you can get put together a warehouse storage kit for as low as $12 a square foot.

100 Percent Usable Space 

One of the biggest advantages of a Quonset hut for a warehouse is its clear span design. The building’s open floor plan allows companies to create a custom layout that will optimize their working process. Additionally, forklifts and other moving equipment will be able to move inside the building without running into any interior frame

Material Cost Savings

Without the added cost of steel I-beams or interior framing support that’s typically found in steel-framed warehouses, a Quonset hut uses the natural arch shape to provide structural integrity.

Construction & Labor Cost Savings

Quonset warehouses require no welding and minimal construction experience to assemble the building. For larger warehouses, scissor lifts or cranes can be used throughout construction, but don’t require highly skilled, costly labor to construct. SteelMaster’s prefabricated arches are pre-punched and pre-drilled at our factory before they are delivered to your job site and can be assembled by non-skilled laborers.

Maintenance Cost Savings

The cost of a warehouse can also add up over time when you consider the money it takes to maintain the structure. SteelMaster’s Quonset warehouses come with a 40-year warranty, and we’ve also specially engineered each panel to last a lifetime. The commercial grade steel can withstand the common bumps and bangs that are associated with an industrial site.

Warehouse Delivery Speed

Time is money, as they say, so the ability to order a warehouse and get it delivered quickly is critical. SteelMaster provides both the engineering and materials you need to get your warehouse erected sooner than later. Our building specialists are experienced in working with companies of all sizes to get them the building they need as fast as possible.


Industrial Strength Warehouses Pricing Factors

SteelMaster works with clients to define their project needs and what that means for the end cost of a building. To understand your total price for a new warehouse and whether buying or renting an existing warehouse makes more sense, consider these factors:


Material Quality
The type and quality of materials will impact your overall price, with steel typically being the most economical choice in most areas.
Paying contractors or employees to erect a warehouse can be a major expense, especially with complex construction projects.
Parts & Accessories
Adding things like doors or skylights can increase the cost of a warehouse.

With all these factors taken into consideration, the cost per square foot of a warehouse can vary. While SteelMaster has no control over the cost of land or the size needed by your business, our building specialists work directly with purchase managers and business owners to deliver the most cost-effective building possible with prices that can start as low as $12 per square foot.


How You Construct Your Warehouse

When the warehouse building arrives, you’ll receive most of what you need to put it together with just the help of a small crew depending on the size of the building. Larger projects will require more equipment to construct. Our buildings only require the use of one size nut and bolt, and bolting the arches together is a breeze.

Pre-construct your arches

Lay your high-quality, corrugated commercial-grade steel arch panels out and assemble them on the ground.

Raise & connect the arches

After the arches are assembled on the ground, raise them and connect them to the foundation. Then, connect the arch to the previously raised arch

Install endwalls

After your arches are assembled and up, you can add your preferred endwall to complete your building. Because Quonset huts are self-supporting, this step is optional.

Common Warehouse Accessory Options

We have many items to help you create a warehouse building that will meet your company’s needs. One way to customize your prefab warehouse is through parts and accessories.



Service doors

Service doors

Garage-style doors

Garage-style doors





One of Chile’s biggest exporters of nuts, Huertos Del Valle, needed a storage building that could protect their harvests from the outside air. Adequate storage for these crops was a huge problem for business owners in South America.

After an estimated 50% loss in harvested cereals and nuts in the region. Huertos Del Valle needed a warehouse that was durable, spacious and airtight enough to protect their products. The company was so impressed with its custom warehouse structures that it purchased four of them.

Is a Quonset Warehouse Right For Your Business?

Are you looking for an arch-style structure?

If you’re looking for a traditional steel structure, we may not be the right fit for your business. SteelMaster does not sell “straight wall” buildings, only arch-style structures. However, we do offer certain models that have straight sidewall panels.

Will your warehouse be less than 80 feet wide?

At SteelMaster, our goal is to find the most cost-effective solution that meets the need of your project. Typically, our warehouse buildings are most economical in widths of 80 feet or less.

Does your building need side openings?

In order to compensate for a side opening in a Quonset-style structure, thicker gauge steel must be used around the opening, which will increase the cost of the structure.