Garage Doors With Service & Man Doors For Metal Buildings

Garage Doors

Garage Doors can be added when a larger entrance is needed and placed in either endwalls or sidewalls. SteelMaster Framed Openings are steel-framed openings for endwalls and sidewalls that come ready to install doors on. Along with standard Sectional Overhead Doors, frames for Bi-Fold Doors and Rolling Sheet Cannister Doors are also available.


  • Garage door frames are typically mounted in the center of the Endwall.
  • Service doors may require framed openings to be offset on the Endwall.
  • The size of the Garage Door Framed Opening depends on internal clearance from door manufacturer.

Service/Man Doors

SteelMaster Service Doors can be added for ease of access and placed in either Endwalls or Sidewalls. Appropriate location of Service Door frame depends on building configuration.


  • 30″ x 79″ Endwall Door
  • 4′ x 7′ Conventional Endwall Door
  • 66″ x 79″ Double Conventional Endwall Door


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