q model qounset shell on cement base

Cost Effective Solution for Salt & Sand Storage: Buildings, Sheds & Barns

Maximize the life of your salt stockpiles with a durable, environmentally conscious, cost effective solution—a SteelMaster Building.

q model qounset building on cement base

Connecticut Department of Transportation (CTDOT)

Model type: XQ-Model
Size: 74‘W X 25‘H X 154‘L

q model qounset shell on cement base

Town of Wakefield,
New Hampshire

Model type: Q-Model
Size: 25’W X 12’H X 40’L

q model qounset shell on cement base

Alabama Department of Transportation (ALDOT)

Model type: Q-Model
Size: 40’W X 16’H X 40’L


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Industry Leader In Salt Storage Solutions

Interior or quonset hut with rock salt inside

There’s a reason why SteelMaster has been the industry leader in sand and salt storage; we provide high-quality, custom storage that allows companies, Departments of Transportation and municipalities to adequately protect sand and salt piles year-round at an affordable price.

SteelMaster’s salt storage structures keep rain and snow off of stored bulk materials, eliminating the possibility of the salt leaching out and getting into streams, wells and groundwater in areas around the community.

A custom SteelMaster bulk storage dome allows our customers to be better equipped to handle dangerous road conditions during severe weather events.

Road Salt: The Most Important Winter Maintenance Material

Road salt, also known as rock salt, is different than what you’d find in a salt shaker at your dining room table. The substance is halite, a mineral form of sodium chloride as it is naturally mined.

With 11 million tons of rock salt being used on the roadways each year, it is the most common option for de-icing roads, and for good reason. Using salt to de-ice roads has reduced crashes by 88 percent and injuries by 85 percent. It also reduces accident-related costs by 85 percent.

So, how does it work? Rock salt lowers the freezing point of water, which makes it difficult for water to freeze and create hazardous road conditions. Roads are coated in a road salt and water mixture known as “brine” as a preventative measure during cold weather.

GSA & Procurement Manager Approved

SteelMaster has worked with many state transportation departments across the United States. Local municipalities use SteelMaster Buildings as their supplier of choice to store and protect salt, sand and other bulk materials from the elements.

  • Have worked with all levels of government infrastructure
  • Government localities and agencies nationwide
  • GSA Contract: GS-07F-0458T
Quonset hut with bulldozer inside on cement blocks

Why SteelMaster For Salt Sheds?

Quick to assemble

Our salt buildings can be assembled in a fraction of the time compared to a traditional salt storage dome.

  • Rapidly Deployable

    Prefabricated salt storage built in weeks, not months

  • Simple Construction

    Often does not require heavy equipment or skilled labor

  • Portable

    Can easily, disassembled, moved and/or extended at a later date

Empty quonset hut on concrete foundation used for salt storage

Work directly with building engineers

Our team of knowledgeable engineers is able to customize our steel structures to fit any budget or timeline.

Quonset hut on concrete foundation
  • Pre-engineered

    Meets any local salt storage building codes

  • Blueprints

    Includes P.E. state-stamped and approved blueprints

  • Steel Building Experts

    Experienced building project managers to assist in the development of the project/installation questions

Transload Ready

Salt and sand storage buildings are wide enough to accommodate transloading with trucks and bulldozers.

  • 100% Usable Space

    No beams, trusses or columns

  • Custom Sizes

    Widths of 60 feet or less are standard, but custom larger models are available in varying heights

  • Unlimited lengths

    Buildings have infinite lengths in 2′ increments and can be expanded later

Salt storage container cover with salt inside and bulldozer in front

Industrial strength steel

Our steel arches offer superior corrosion resistance to the elements and are engineered to meet your area’s snow and wind loads.

Side view of salt storage container cover with snow on the ground and salt inside
  • Heavy Duty Steel

    High-grade, cold-rolled commercial steel

  • Organic Protective Coating

    Coated with Energy Star rated Galvalume Plus

  • Superior Corrosion Resistance

    Building’s concrete wall foundation creates a secure place for salt and helps prevent corrosion

Salt Shed Configuration Options

Quonset Hut-style salt sheds are a quick-to-assemble, economical solution that significantly outperforms traditional wood or fabric storage buildings. The building’s concrete wall foundation or bin blocks create a secure place for the salt and help prevent corrosion due to salt touching the walls for a prolonged period of time.

Most of the salt buildings we sell are custom designed in that each building has to consider its own code, environmental regulations, and particular uses. There are a few main ways these buildings differ. 

S model Quonset hut on concrete

Salt Bins Foundation & Wall Height

  • Foundation is typically made of concrete “bin blocks”
  • Bin blocks can be stacked on top of each other to match your height and length preferences
  • Base plates connect salt storage cover to concrete
Interior of Container cover

Endwall Choices

  • Closed on one side, open on the other (most popular)
  • Fully enclosed with front opening (no door)
  • Fully enclosed with large closable door
Interior of salt storage container cover
  • Ventilation
    • Optional passive ventilation for partially enclosed or large buildings
    • Proper ventilation reduces corrosion because air movement reduces condensation/moisture
Portability  100% Usable Space Durability
Steel Storage Yes Yes Yes
Fabric Storage Yes Yes No
Wood Storage Dome No No No
Side view of salt storage container cover

Steel vs. Fabric vs. Salt Domes

Quonset hut buildings have clear advantages over fabric salt storage or traditional salt domes. Only steel salt buildings provide the flexibility of a portable and expandable building, while not being costly to construct and being able to stand up to disaster-level storms. 

  • Construction Time: Compared to a salt dome, a SteelMaster prefabricated salt storage cover often goes together quicker and is simpler to construct
  • Durability: Our commercial-grade steel is no less than 22 gauge, making it more durable than fabric or wooden structures
  • Expandability – Need more storage? Additional arches can add extra square footage and help adapt to seasonal needs

Sand & Frac Sand Storage

Public works departments, departments of transportation and other agencies often purchase sand along with salt to treat icy roads. Sand improves traction by increasing friction and prevents tires from slipping on slick roads. Much like salt, it’s important to keep sand piles covered to eliminate the possibility of losing sand due to runoff or if resting against the building’s walls, can cause damage to the building. Additionally, if sand is not properly covered, it can become lumpy or frozen, which makes it harder to handle.

Aside from common sand, our salt storage buildings also accommodate frac sand. Frac sand isn’t exactly like the sand you’d find at the beach. It can be in the form of ceramic beads, resin-coated sand and natural sand. Similar to general sand storage, our buildings will protect frac sand from the elements, keeping it dry and pure for processing. This can eliminate the need for frac storage tanks or frac bins for sand storage and provide an ideal solution for frac sand transloading facility operations with plenty of room.

If you’re in need of a bulk storage solution, SteelMaster’s buildings are your best bet.

Salt storage container cover