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Cities Prepare for Winter Weather with SteelMaster’s Salt Storage Buildings

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steel salt storage building

After enduring brutal, triple digit heat over the last few months, people are actually looking forward to colder temperatures as the seasons slowly change. Cooler temperatures may relieve some summer stress, but it’s just the beginning of the winter blues.

Thankfully, SteelMaster’s salt storage buildings provide the perfect solution for transportation departments all over the United States getting prepared for the winter blast.

Slushy roads, icy walkways, and dangerously cold temperatures can significantly debilitate a busy city and can also endanger thousands of lives. But there is one thing that cities keep on hand to help protect their citizens from dangerous winter travel conditions — salt.

The Environmental Protection Agency reports that about 11 million tons of salt are used on roads in the United States every winter.

Historically, highway departments stored salt outdoors. Experts believe that when a salt pile gets wet, the runoff can get into nearby streams and lakes and can seep into groundwater supplies. Now, transportation professionals must keep stored salt indoors in industrial storage units. Many of them choose SteelMaster buildings to do the job.

Our buildings are ideal for this function because SteelMaster’s structures are easy to assemble quickly, they offer 100 percent usable space with our clear span arch design, and the use of an elevated concrete wall foundation or bin blocks which creates a secure space for the salt. Our airtight steel structures can withstand harsh weather conditions and can handle heavy snow loads. It prevents water from seeping into the building ensuring the salt inside remains dry and usable.

SteelMaster has sold salt storage buildings all over the country including departments of transportation in Tennessee, Pennsylvania, Utah, Missouri, New Hampshire and many more.

Our easy to construct, budget-friendly salt storage buildings are ideal for transportation departments, corporations, schools, or even homeowners who want to stay ahead of winter’s wrath.

Is your city ready for winter?

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