Storage Buildings Designed to Withstand Hurricane Winds in Mexico

q model quonset building, metal end frame, garage slide doors
q model quonset building, metal end frame, garage slide doors

In September 2014, Hurricane Odile swept across the Baja California peninsula before landfall near Cabo San Lucas with winds of 125 miles per hour.

After the damage and destruction Odile caused to Los Cabos, three business partners called SteelMaster to purchase storage units for local businesses that would be able to withstand the high winds from hurricanes.

Alex Silva, sales manager of SteelMaster’s Latin America Division, helped design three 40’ X 60’ (12m X 18M) structures for the storage unit business named Cabo Steel Storage.

“They also decided to purchase our sliding doors because they are pretty strong,” Alex said. “This is because the damage in some buildings [hit by Odile] was caused by wind knocking down doors and then damaging the inside.”

In addition to sliding doors, they purchased front and back endwalls, something Alex says has become increasingly popular.

“We used to sell more open-ended buildings back in the day, but customers have been struggling to get materials for endwalls and couldn’t complete their projects,” Alex said. “We decided to sell the buildings as a complete project. That way the customer gets the project done quicker and has a better experience.”

The buildings were shipped from SteelMaster’s factory to San Diego. After that, Alex helped connect the business partners with a broker to transport the structures from San Diego to Los Cabos.

“We have done quite a few projects in Los Cabos,” he said. “Most of the buildings we have sold there are large structures, we do repeat business there often.”

Alex says one of the reasons SteelMaster structures are beneficial to customers in Los Cabos is because the building comes complete with all of the materials needed to put it together.

“Los Cabos is very isolated. It’s almost like an island. A lot of times people want our structures so that they won’t run out of materials because they will be put on hold for a while if they run out.”

Cabo Steel Storage is very active on social media and posts many pictures and videos of their buildings on Instagram.

“I’ve sent their videos and photos to other customers. Usually, customers really like what they see. It helps them figure out how to use the structures,” Alex said. “It also shows that there has to be distance between the buildings and usually gives them more clarity when they have doubts about installing multiple units in one area.”

If you’re in Mexico, Puerto Rico, or Latin America and are interested in a similar project, contact Alex Silva for more information by clicking here.

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