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Disaster Resistant Buildings – News & Projects

While no building can claim to be “tornado proof,” SteelMaster Quonset huts can withstand some of the most severe natural disasters. From hurricanes to earthquakes to blizzards and tornados, steel arched buildings are HVHZ approved and considered to be among the strongest structures on earth.

Man Builds Quonset Hut Workshop With Repurposed Materials

SteelMaster customer Jay B. built a workshop/mancave with repurposed materials on his property in New Hampshire.

Why Heavy Snow Loads are No Match for Contemporary Quonset Shed

"The connectivity between SteelMaster, myself, and the engineers were great. I love the building. It’s practical for what I needed.”

Storage Building Survives Hurricane Ian

Carl had recently bought a small farm about 17 miles away from his home where he kept his RV, trailer, four-wheeler and other “toys,” which he wanted to make sure would be safe during hurricane season.

Storage Buildings Withstand Hurricane Winds in Mexico

After the damage and destruction Odile caused to Los Cabos, three business partners called SteelMaster to purchase storage units for local businesses that would be able to withstand the high winds from hurricanes.

Quonset Hut Workshop Survives Electrical Fire

When customer Michael S. purchased his steel Quonset hut, he didn't realize just how important the fire resistance of his building would be.

SteelMaster Quonset Hut Saves Man’s Truck from Fallen Tree

When SteelMaster customer Mark M. made the decision to purchase a Quonset hut, the price was one of the driving factors. He didn’t know just how much his investment would pay off until a few years later.

SteelMaster Structures: The Best Rapid Response Shelter Solution

Need a building fast? Our team of experienced building specialists is ready to assist you in finding a structure that fits your needs with a quick turnaround.

California Wildfire Victims Replace Ruined Homes With Quonsets

Vern Sneed of Design Horizons has collaborated with SteelMaster over the years to create “Q Cabin Kits,” economical, non-combustible Quonset hut homes that are designed to survive a wildfire better than any stick built home.

SteelMaster Quonset Hut Survives Category 5 Hurricane Michael

A SteelMaster Quonset hut survived Hurricane Michael, a category 5 storm that had 160 mph winds at landfall--the strongest since Hurricane Andrew in 1992.

SteelMaster Workshop Withstands Major Earthquake in Alaska

After a 7.0 magnitude earthquake hit the state of Alaska, Bob C.'s SteelMaster workshop is still standing and has no damage.