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True North Building Project – Articles & Information

True North is an award-winning community of Quonset huts in Detroit that has wowed architects and residents alike. SteelMaster worked directly with designers and architects to help design 10 rental units to create innovative and affordable housing.

The Story Behind Detroit’s Quonset Hut Community ‘True North’

Real estate developer Philip Kafka revealed how his idea to create the Quonset hut village "True North" came to fruition on the Daily Detroit podcast.

Detroit Developer Begins Second Quonset Hut Housing Project

Prince Concepts, the real estate development company behind the award-winning Quonset hut village ‘True North,’ has started its second Quonset hut housing project called 'The Caterpillar'.

Detroit Quonset Hut Village is an Architecture Award Finalist

True North Detroit, a village made from nine SteelMaster Quonset Huts, is one of six finalists that will compete for the 2018 Mies Crown Hall Americas Prize (MCHAP).

Experience the Beauty of Quonset Hut Living at this Detroit Airbnb

If you've ever wondered what it's like to stay in a Quonset Hut, you can get the experience--if only for a few nights--at a Detroit Airbnb.

The Remarkable Yoga Hut That Rethinks Office Space

Two experienced yoga instructors or “guides” who are not only helping people to become more aware of their bodies; they are also making entrepreneurs rethink their business space.

Architects, NY Developer Create Steel Quonset Hut Village

Two world-class architects teamed up with a New York City developer to create what could be the future of housing projects—a village of steel quonset huts.