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Architects, NY Developer Create Steel Quonset Hut Village

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two men taking pictures of steel quonset huts in detroit

While taking a casual scroll down the street of one Detroit neighborhood, an onlooker may not have noticed anything substantially different than any other area in America. That all changed after two world-class architects teamed up with a New York City developer to create what could be the future of housing projects—a steel Quonset HutTM village.

According to the Detroit News, Edwin Chan and Frank Gehry have combined their talents to create the development of Quonset Huts called True North.

Architects are working to explore the future of shelter and housing. The developer wanted to create a small and colorful village and they chose the steel Quonset Hut to help make that vision a reality.

men working inside of quonset hut

The developer came to SteelMaster Buildings and worked with Commercial Sales Professional Greg Broderick to work out a deal for several buildings in 2015.

The Quonset Hut was a great choice for this project because not only does it offer a futuristic look, modern design and durability, steel quonsets are also very affordable.

The steel Quonset Huts that will create this future housing project will be various sizes from 600 to 1,110 square feet.

A design firm in Detroit, Studio Detroit, actually created the prototype of the steel quonset hut village and is now working with Chan on the actual development.

Chan tells The Detroit News that he wanted a design that could be integrated into the neighborhood. They are hoping this project is just the first phase of many more residential and commercial projects in the area.

Residents were able to check out the steel Quonset Huts and Chan says they received very positive reviews.

Once completed, this unique steel Quonset Hut village may forever change the look of housing projects in America and beyond.

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