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Customer’s Dream Home Design Comes to Life In Arizona

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Arch roof system

Sedona, Arizona is home to beautiful red rock canyons and lush pine forests, and home to SteelMaster customer Mike K.’s dream Quonset hut building.

On three acres of land in Sedona, Arizona, SteelMaster customer Mike K.’s vision came to life. His dream was to have a building that he could utilize as a workshop/garage, and have a space for living quarters. All the while offering beautiful views of the surrounding red rocks that Sedona offers.

The building specialists at SteelMaster turned his dream into a reality. Mike had drawn up a blueprint of his design, which he sent to his representative, Travis Ashley, who told him, “We can do that.”

Travis worked with him to design a beautiful T-Model building that is both unique and practical.

Initially, Mike said that he chose a Quonset hut for his building due to its cost-effectiveness.

He said, “I wanted a lot of square feet. I looked at a bunch of conventional steel wall buildings but I’m happy I went with the Quonset because the interior is completely useable.”
house with arched roofing system, two garages
In addition to the useable space, Mike said his favorite feature of his Quonset was the ease of construction.

“The most valuable is the whole roof and wall structure went up easily. That was another big selling point. I didn’t have to get into different contractors. The building went up quickly and easily,” he explained.

Mike found SteelMaster online by doing a quick internet search and said he chose to buy a SteelMaster building because of all the referrals he was seeing online. “I joined a Facebook group and kept seeing SteelMaster buildings. Then when I made that first call everyone was very helpful.”