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Steel Arches Add Unique Look to Mixed-Use Development in Texas

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What was once storage buildings for large equipment and warehouse supplies is now a bustling retail, dining, and office space in Houston, Texas.

M-K-T Heights opened in 2020, completely transforming the previous 200,000 square feet of industrial buildings with creative and quirky designs. Part of the transformation includes SteelMaster Quonset hut awnings that welcome visitors into the building.

Eric Engelland, the project manager for the project’s general contractor, worked closely with the architect to turn the conceptual design for M-K-T Heights into a reality.

“[The architect] has a Quonset hut in his backyard and thought it was cool if it sat on top of the building,” Engelland said. “He made the profile, spoke with SteelMaster and [a competitor], and when we priced out both options, SteelMaster seemed like the better option.”

Engelland, the architect and SteelMaster’s Senior Project Manager Greg Broderick worked together to finalize a design so that the steel arches would tie into the building’s roof.

“The biggest challenge was the architect had a custom profile that he wanted for this building,” Engelland said. ”What [SteelMaster] produces is typically pre-engineered hut. So it was figuring out how you all can make what [the architect] wanted based on what you all are capable of.”

After the design was finalized, steel erectors from Harvey Builders assembled the awning.

Engelland says there was a learning curve since the steel erectors weren’t used to assembling a Quonset structure, but once they got the hang of it the process went smoothly.

“It went well. They had never really done anything like that before,” Engelland said. “They got up there and started reading the instructions and looking at the drawings. I think they put [the panels] together in pieces on the ground, then lifted that up to the roof in pieces and put them together in sections.”

After installing the awning, the team put framing to attach white plaster underneath the arches for local artists to paint murals.

Engelland says his overall experience with SteelMaster was positive.

“Receiving the material, installing the material, and the quality of the material was pretty great.”

If you’re looking for an awning with a unique design and modern touch, SteelMaster can provide the look and quality that you desire. Contact one of our project managers today to get started!