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SteelMaster Quonset Hut Keeps Florida Pigs Safe and Sound

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When SteelMaster customer Connie D. bought her first pig, she didn’t quite know what she was getting into. 

“My oldest daughter had always said she wanted a pig. She was grown when we got Daisy, my very first pig.”

As Daisy got older–and bigger–Connie needed more space for her to roam free. 

“Daisy’s probably 500 or 600 pounds right now. My daughter tried to have her in the house and that didn’t last long. We tried to make her a pen outside. You could tell she was lonely, they’re herd animals,” Connie said.

Connie started networking online to find Daisy a friend. Eventually, the search evolved into her creating a rescue for pigs from all over the United States.

“Pretty soon we had pigs coming from everywhere. To date, I have 37 total,” Connie said. “They’re my babies. I just love them.”

 As her rescue grew, Connie started researching run-ins for her pigs and came across SteelMaster. 

“I’ve always liked the shape of [Quonset huts]. I’m not an in-the-box person. I liked the shape of them and thought they were neat-looking,” she said. “They’re just great. Everything I needed. Plus, they were very affordable.”

Durable and Long Lasting

Connie says purchasing a steel building over a wood building was an easy decision.

“In Florida, you don’t want wood because of termites and I use a lot of water when I’m cleaning. The wood buildings were also more expensive than Quonset huts and wouldn’t last as long.”

Disaster Resistant

As a Florida resident, Connie was drawn to the disaster resistance of our buildings. All SteelMaster buildings are engineered to meet or exceed your area’s load requirements, are Hurricane Velocity Hurricane Zone (HVHZ) certified, and have Florida product approval (#FL-15623)

“The fact that they were hurricane safe and weather-safe is wonderful. I’m staying in a house that’s a mile from where my pigs are, so I’m not with them all the time and I want to know that they’re safe and secure when I’m not there full time.”

Great Customer Service

Connie also applauds SteelMaster’s customer service and was very satisfied with her overall experience. 

“The whole experience was wonderful. I’m old school, so I’m used to trustworthy people who do what they’re going to say they’re going to–I had that with SteelMaster,” she said. “[The delivery drivers] kept in touch, they let me know exactly when they were coming, they were right on time. It was everything it was supposed to be.”

Now, Connie is considering purchasing more shelters for her pigs and potentially a “she shed” building for herself.

“I’m thinking about getting more [buildings]. I’m thinking of getting one for me. I’ve done some researching and looking around but I haven’t found anything that will last for the value and the price like these buildings.”

Whether you’re interested in a building for your animals or yourself, SteelMaster has it all. Click here to schedule an appointment with one of our building specialists!