Metal Quonset Hut Barns for Hay and Farm Equipment

Protect your harvest and expensive farm equipment inside of a durable SteelMaster metal Quonset Hut barn.

What is a Pole Barn? Do You Even Need A Pole Nowadays?

In traditional pole barns, wooden poles are buried in the ground and used as columns for the roof. The walls of the pole barn can be made of wood, or sometimes tin, and screwed or nailed into the poles.

Pole barns are typically not engineered to meet structural requirements because they’re not thought of as permanent structures in some locations due to the lack of foundation. The poles of a pole barn are used for structural support, which is great for keeping the barn up for a little while, but terrible for usable space on the interior.

Ideally, your barn shouldn’t need to rely on the poles for structural integrity and allow you to still enjoy the portability of a pole barn and still have 100% usable space on the inside. Quonset “pole” barns come without the pole but have the structural integrity and flexibility to be permanent or portable and more space per dollar.

How Much Does a Pole Barn Cost?

Agricultural industry professionals and residential property owners love our barns because of their initial affordability and long-term cost savings.

When purchasing a pole barn kit, an important factor to take into consideration is long-term versus short-term costs. Excluding labor, the building costs of cheap pole barns can be as cheap as $4 per square foot. This sounds great if you’re looking for a cheap, semi-reliable, and temporary pole barn building. But the long-term costs of a pole barn catch up with you as they cost more money to maintain, don’t last as long and won’t stand up to intense weather events.

There are several factors to consider when purchasing a metal barn including the grade of steel, the width, height and length of the building. Typically, steel building costs range from $10 – $20+ per square foot. However, storage buildings for hay storage and animal run-ins are cheaper than traditional-style buildings because they are open-ended. That saves on the overall cost of the building because they do not require the endwalls.

Many of our customers buy one or two barn kits just to have them on hand for any immediate storage needs that crop up. Get a deal on a great used tractor or even an RV? You can give it the lasting protection of a steel building kit. This saves them on losses due to cheaper-made barn kits and the ability to store virtually anything they may want. 

The Best Pole Barn Kits on the Market

Burying the holes to place the wooden poles in the ground can make the construction process tedious and longer, especially depending on the condition and level of the soil. In contrast, the arches of a steel barn can be put on shipping containers or anchored to a concrete foundation which makes the building easier to construct than a cheap pole barn kit and more durable.

We make it easy to put together our do-it-yourself Quonset barn kits. Every steel panel is pre-drilled and prepunched right at our factory to ensure a smooth building experience. The entire building only requires the use of one size nut and one size bolt to put together. All you need are a few tools, a few friends, and a few days to put together a SteelMaster Quonset Hut.

Customers also have peace of mind knowing their investments are protected in one of the strongest structures on earth. SteelMaster’s barn kits are strong enough to endure the most severe weather conditions.

Each building is specifically engineered to endure the harshest weather conditions. The corrugated, commercial grade steel combined with the amazing strength of the arch design help to make SteelMaster’s structures some of the strongest on earth.

Our buildings have survived dangerous hurricanes, destructive tornadoes, hail storms, and even heavy snow loads after a brutal winter storm. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that your valuables are well protected in a virtually indestructible SteelMaster Quonset Hut barn.

SteelMaster customer Greg S. purchased a DIY prefab barn not only because he liked the aesthetic, but because he needed a building that would be able to handle heavy snow loads in his area.

The project started with two old block buildings that were connected by wooden walls in the back and three cobbled roofs. He says he had to have the wooden back wall of his building removed and replaced with a block wall. He eventually ended up with 10 foot tall back walls and side walls with a footprint of 32’ by 24’.

“It seemed like working with Legos or Tinker Toys. I like flexibility and have always been a change artist,” said Greg.

SteelMaster’s metal Quonset Hut barn kits are the perfect choice when making a long term investment. Not only are our metal barn kits more durable than cheap pole barn kits, but they also save you energy costs over time.

Another advantage of purchasing a steel barn kit is portability and versatility. If you need to move, there’s no need to purchase another building–you can disassemble your existing building and reassemble it at another location. You can also add on to your building without disrupting operations on the inside.

SteelMaster not only offers affordable pricing for quality buildings every day, but we also have clearance models available that are sure to fit any shopper’s budget. Customer Howard Arnold is pleased with the durability and affordability of his Quonset-style barn.

Howard says purchasing his SteelMaster barn offsets the high prices of hay he uses to feed his animals and says he believes his Quonset barn will last for decades. So far, he has not had to do any maintenance to the building since tightening the last bolt.

“Zero maintenance to the barn up to this point and hopefully from forevermore,” Howard said.

When considering maximum benefits on a budget, SteelMaster is your best option for metal Quonset Hut barns.


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