Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico

Steel building kits designed just for Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rico Steel Kits: Easily Shipped Buildings That Withstand Natural Disasters

For decades, SteelMaster Buildings has worked with customers all over the world designing and planning long-lasting building solutions. Among the places in our Latin America market, Puerto Rico is very special for SteelMaster Buildings.  SteelMaster’s building specialists have worked with almost every industry in Puerto Rico, from agriculture to manufacturing.

Our department specialized in serving our Latin American population separates us from the competition because it focuses on offering direct service in Spanish to those clients in these nations.


Disaster Resistant


SteelMaster’s prefabricated metal Quonset huts are ideal for Puerto Rico because of their resistance to natural disasters, especially hurricanes.

We design our structures to meet or beat Puerto Rico building codes, especially hurricane-prone areas which change frequently with the increase of tropical depressions. Our high-grade commercial steel has the best high-speed resistance of any other kind of building.

Jose Malave, a business owner, and longtime SteelMaster customer, was one of the many Puerto Rico residents impacted by Hurricane Maria in 2017.

He says he rode out the powerful storm inside his disaster-resistant SteelMaster Building. He says thanks to his metal Quonset hut, he is alive and able to tell his story.

I am extremely happy and grateful that I was able to save my life and $70,000 dollars as a team. I have to thank God, but also thanks to the SteelMaster team.
Jose Malave, Hurricane Maria Survivor


According to the U.S. Geological Survey, there have been a few strong earthquakes that have affected Puerto Rico. One of the largest quakes to hit the U.S. territory in recent years happened in January 2014. The 6.4 magnitude quake resulted in at least 70 aftershocks but did not cause any major damage or injuries, according to officials.

SteelMaster’s earthquake-resistant structures follow building codes maintained by the International Code Council (ICC), which have the best guidance on how structures should be designed and constructed to limit seismic risk.Our metal Quonset huts can be designed to Seismic Design Category E for areas near a major fault with high seismic vulnerability.

Additionally, our steel buildings are constructed as one unit, which evenly distributes the energy caused by seismic waves to its concrete foundation with little chance of damage. The clear span design of a Quonset hut also eliminates the potential for weak spots inside. This means there are fewer areas where the structure can become damaged, which can contribute to a collapse.

Importing & Shipping Your Steel Building

With Puerto Rico’s diverse industries, the importation of products is an integral part for the infrastructure of the island’s commerce.

Easy-to-Ship Buildings

SteelMaster has a Latin American logistics expert team ready to assist you at all stages of the shipping process.

The Quonset hut’s panel design makes it easy for ocean freight shipping to Puerto Rico. Panels can be easily stacked on top of each other, framed with wood and covered with a metal case for protection.

The panels are placed in a shipping container to ship to Puerto Rico. Several buildings can fit into a 20′ or 40′ container depending on the size of the buildings.

The building will be loaded onto a container ship and sail to the Port of San Juan, Puerto Rico. The Port of San Juan has 108 acres for container storage and handling and is overseen by the Puerto Rico Ports Authority.

In some cases, the container can even be used as one of the walls of your building, helping you save even more money.

Our team will take care of delivering the necessary documents and assistance for simple and stress-free import handling.

IVU payment

There are several very important factors that should be noted when importing products to Puerto Rico, one of them being an IVU payment.

SteelMaster is covered under the umbrella of the Free Trade Agreement, which covers import taxes. However, the IVU or local taxes must still be paid.

The only deviation from this rule is whether it is goods exempt from payment of the IVU or if the importer itself is exempt from having to pay this tax. For more information on this subject, you can refer to the Department of the Treasury of the Government of Puerto Rico.

CBP Requirement & Import Security Filing

The second most important point is a requirement of the US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) department.

For containerized imports, a form called “The Import Security Filing / Importer Security Declaration ” (ISF 10 + 2) must be completed.

This is a regulation that requires the declaration of certain information on containerized goods that are to be imported into United States/Puerto Rico by sea. Therefore, it does not apply to air shipments, loose cargo or packaged materials.

The ISF must be electronically transferred to the US customs department by the importer or its customs broker.

The 10 points required by customs to complete the ISF are the following:

  • Seller
  • Buyer
  • Importer
  • Consignee
  • Maker
  • Addressee
  • Country of origin
  • Tariff classification code (HTS / HTSUS)

All information is found in the documents SteelMaster provides to our customers when we ship your cargo.

It is important to comply with this requirement since failure to issue the ISF on time or correctly may result in penalties for the importer for violation, inspections and delays in releasing the shipment.

The importer, by himself or through his customs broker, is responsible for submitting the declaration in a timely manner.

In fact, part of the information is obtained at the source from the exporter, who will provide it to you or your broker so that he can communicate it to the destination. This process must be processed as soon as they receive the shipping documents from us.

Given the complexity and importance of the process, the declaration at destination is usually presented by the broker/customs agent of the importer.

It is recommended that both exporter and importer work with a broker that has their own offices. We collaborate with reliable agencies and freight forwarders to help find competitive rates for our customers.


Puerto Rico Steel Building Uses

From simple storage to large industrial buildings, SteelMaster’s team of experienced project specialists that are familiar with building in Puerto Rico.

A huge benefit of purchasing a SteelMaster Quonset hut is the ability to customize the structure to suit your needs. These prefabricated buildings can be assembled very quickly.



Automotive workshops

Automotive workshops





Construction storage

Construction storage

The Christian Community Center in Corozal came to SteelMaster when they needed a church building. Originally, the members met in a gazebo.

“I was talking to the SteelMaster representative, who gave me the idea to build the temple with the SteelMaster structures,” said Juan Quintero, pastor of the Christian Community Center.

This structure is located in the Mavilla neighborhood of Corozal. Although it is located in the mountainous part of Puerto Rico, there were no problems transporting it there. The building was entirely assembled by Juan and a group of women and children.

“We assembled the structure without any construction experience, using the most rudimentary tools. On weekends, we dedicated ourselves to building the structure,” Juan said. “After a few days, we finished putting it together and decorating it.”

I am very happy with the service provided by SteelMaster. The quality of the structure is as described by the project specialist who helped me. The structure is installed on a main avenue and many people stop to ask about it.
Jose Garcia, Vega Baja resident
S-Model Quonset hut with a single traffic cone in front.

Puerto Rico certified buildings

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