Virginia Prefab Metal Building Kits: Garages, Sheds, Barns & More

SteelMaster buildings have been assembled in every part of the Commonwealth, from the Coastal Plains to the Appalachian Plateau.

Garages are the most common use for SteelMaster buildings in Virginia. With years of experience, our team has worked with countless DIYers to design their dream garage. Our DIY metal garage plans are ideal for anyone who wants to get extra storage space and great quality for an affordable price. Our prefab garage kits are also easy to assemble–with 70 percent of the work being done on the ground with only one size nut and bold. In fact, over 80 percent of customers construct their own building, which results in huge labor cost savings.

A Building for Every Region

The low-lying Tidewater region of Virginia extends from the ocean and rises 300 feet above sea level. Being on the east coast, the flood-prone area is frequently in the path of storms during hurricane season. SteelMaster structures are designed to meet the building codes for hurricane-prone areas which change frequently with the increase of tropical depressions. Our high-grade commercial steel has the best high-speed resistance of any other kind of building.

SteelMaster’s High Velocity Hurricane Zone Certified buildings are engineered to the highest standards and are able to withstand the strongest winds. To test the strength of our buildings, 15 pound 2 x 4’s were hurled at one of our buildings at 100 mph. When the wood post hit the side of the building, it barely left a dent in the steel. SteelMaster’s buildings are manufactured using prefabricated, commercial grade, high quality steel that will protect the items and people inside of the building. Several customers say they have survived some of the strongest storms inside of their trusted SteelMaster buildings.

The Commonwealth’s most valuable source of economic income as a whole is livestock and livestock products. Livestock products generate more than 2/3 of the state’s total agriculture receipts, according to SteelMaster offers several different models that can be used for storing livestock, bulk items, or processing products.

Our metal prefab barn kits are popular due to their strength, long-term cost savings, and affordability.  After the building is erected, the savings continue. SteelMaster’s metal barn kits are energy efficient which saves on heating and cooling bills, and our buildings require very little maintenance. Our buildings are strong enough to endure the most severe weather conditions including heavy snow loads, strong tornadoes, and dangerous hurricanes.

As you move farther west across the Old Dominion, you’ll hit the valley and ridge region. The valley and ridge region is home to two of the major mountain chains–the Blue Ridge Mountains and the Allegheny Mountains.

Winter in the Blue Ridge Mountains can come as early as November, depending on the elevation of the area. Many parts of the Blue Ridge Parkway are closed due to heavy snow and ice. The heaviest snowfalls occur around March and snow may cover the highest peaks of the mountains for weeks due to below-freezing temperatures.

For residents in these areas, having a roof over their heads or property that they can trust to withstand the thousands of pounds of snow that fall every year is that much more important. If a home is not well prepared or designed sufficiently the weight of extremely heavy ice and snow can cause a devastating roof collapse. This can cost thousands in repairs and cause injuries to those inside the home.

Our buildings follow the snow load provisions required by the ASCE 7-95 and those of the IBC. Many localities and zip codes also add their own specific codes for their areas. The building code first identifies the ground snow load, which helps to calculate the uniform design snow load on the building’s roof.

SteelMaster’s arches are able to handle the snow load in any region. Our arches are created with commercial-grade, high-quality steel that can be customized to accommodate extra heavy snow loads in areas that experience frequent snow storms.

Any of our models can accommodate these loads including the A-Model, S-Model, the classic Q-Model, and the X-Model which is the most popular for heavy snow.

We also offer a C-Model that serves as the best carport in snowy climates. Our X Model has a 4:12 pitched roof, which makes it easier for heavy snow to slide right off. Our R-Model roofing system is also custom-made to withstand extreme weather conditions.

Trusted by Businesses and Government Agencies

Little Creek Amphibious Base in Virginia Beach, Virginia called on SteelMaster when they needed storage for highly sensitive gear for Navy SEALs. The world’s biggest naval base, Naval Station Norfolk, currently has 10 SteelMaster Quonset Hut-style industrial steel buildings. Officials on the base say they’re not stopping there. They plan to acquire more SteelMaster structures in the future.

Plenty of Virginia businesses trust SteelMaster’s buildings to help them meet their bottom line.

Jennifer McCloud, the owner of Chrysalis Vineyards in Loudoun County, wanted to blend the historic look of her farm with the more modern look of a SteelMaster structure. To protect customers while they enjoy Chrysalis’ signature brands in the warmth of the sun and cool, crisp country air, McCloud purchased five SteelMaster carports. McCloud wanted something that was going to be durable, economical, and aesthetically pleasing. She chose SteelMaster specifically because the corrugated design of our panels matched the siding of her building.  Unlike the tents used in other vineyards, the carports certainly won’t blow away and they also serve as interesting conversation pieces for customers.

In Disputanta, Virginia, David Reavis built his dream Quonset Hut distillery, Three Brothers Distillery. Dave and his crew produce Silk Jacket, a Naval strength compound gin, Kablam, unaged corn whiskey and George Straight Rye Whiskey. It took Dave and his team just a few days to erect the building’s arches. They opted to design their own wooden endwalls, which they painted bright red to contrast with the steel arches.

No matter where you live in Virginia, you can count on our experienced design specialists to help you choose the building that will perfectly fit your needs.

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