Florida Steel Buildings: Garages, Sheds & Workshops FBC Approved

With over 5,000 buildings sold in Florida, businesses and homeowners trust SteelMaster across the state. When it comes to meeting or beating the strict building codes of Florida and giving our customers the space they need, SteelMaster has you covered, literally.  Florida, a leader in storm preparation, has enacted strict building codes to protect residents from powerful hurricanes and severe weather.

Buildings Meet Florida’s Strict Building Code

The Florida Building Code (FBC), similar to the International Building Code used in the United States, has regulations and guidelines regarding hurricane protection for Florida residents. The FBC governs the design, construction, erection, alteration, modification, repair and demolition of private buildings, structures and facilities in the state. Several other states refer to the requirements in the Florida Building Codes for hurricanes.

Florida cities and counties are highly susceptible to storm surge from tropical storms and hurricanes, which means residents need a building that is strong enough to keep their belongings safe.  Garages are the most frequently purchased SteelMaster structures in Florida, followed by workshops and sheds. SteelMaster’s durable steel Quonset Huts are also some of the best above ground storm shelters on the market. Many of our customers say purchasing a disaster-resistant building was one of the best decisions they made.

After the significant damage left by Hurricane Andrew in 1992, Florida adopted wind provisions from the ASCE-7 standards. The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) is the organization that determines the building codes nationwide. SteelMaster creates buildings that meet current ICC-500 and ASCE-7 standards.

The arch design of our buildings is a continuous curve, which evenly distributes pressure from the outside of the building down to the foundation. While other roofs can collapse due to heavy loads or pressure from extremely strong winds, our arch system and endwalls can be designed to meet upwards of 190 mph wind speed. Our design specialists will provide Florida state stamped engineered blueprints that reflect the exact wind loads required for your installation site.

High Velocity Hurricane Zone Certified

SteelMaster’s High Velocity Hurricane Zone Certified buildings are engineered to the highest standards and are able to withstand the strongest winds. Our building was tested and gained Florida product approval (#FL-15623). During the test, 15 lb 2 x 4’s were hurled at one of our buildings at 100 mph. When the wood post hit the side of the building, it barely left a dent in the steel. SteelMaster’s buildings are manufactured using prefabricated, commercial grade, high quality steel that will protect the items and people inside of the building. Several Florida customers say they have survived some of the strongest storms inside of their trusted SteelMaster buildings.

Another benefit of SteelMaster’s design is that the buildings are bolted onto the foundation. Slab foundations are most common in warm regions and places where there are high water tables, such as Florida. Certified concrete foundation plans are included with your building.  Arches attach to the Base Connector, which anchors to the concrete foundation. The Base Connector gives you flexibility to move or expand your SteelMaster building and is perfect with existing slabs or block walls. Because the state of Florida is generally very flat, builders will likely have to spend less time grading and leveling their property.

Mobile homes and trailers, the state’s most vulnerable residences during hurricanes, are required by law to be anchored four to five feet into the ground with steel plates. While this will keep the home from twisting and lifting in the wind, it will not prevent wind from damaging the walls or roof.

According to U.S. Climate Data, Florida has an average of 59.21 inches of rainfall annually. Our steel buildings have many advantages when it comes to handling heavy rain. Traditional buildings have gutters, which can overfill more frequently than normal during heavy rain, while SteelMaster structures have no gutters to maintain. Additionally, our structures are less susceptible to leaks due to the steel panels having a nine inch overlap with two rows of bolts and an end to end 3.5 inch overlap.

When a hurricane pushes huge amounts of water into a populated area, property can be severely damaged. Bare metal garages, sheds and workshops can quickly rust out, but SteelMaster’s arches and endwalls come with a special coating called Galvalume Plus that helps to prevent this from happening. The coating protects the building from normal wear and tear, but during a storm if the water rises, it won’t damage the steel.

Galvalume Plus makes the steel panels even more energy efficient, earning our buildings an Energy Star rating. The panels reflect sunlight, which helps keep the building cooler during the brutal Florida heat. It also prevents heat from escaping easily during the winter.

Buildings Backed by Residential and Commercial Customers

A dedicated Florida dad protected his two daughters from blinding sun, extreme heat, and heavy rain with a batting dome. Frank Hodges dismantled an old airplane hangar in 2009 and made it into a batting dome for a few years. The old hanger wasn’t tall enough and it was badly damaged by hurricanes. That’s when they called SteelMaster to find a building that would fit his and his daughters’ needs.

Steel batting domes are designed to withstand all kinds of weather, especially in areas like Florida where strong hurricanes are common. SteelMaster’s structures provide 100% usable interior space which allows for batting, pitching, and weight training. Not only did this provide a great place to practice for his two kids, they also invited the entire softball team over a few times a week.
Many Florida businesses and municipalities use SteelMaster’s high quality steel buildings. The City of Fort Lauderdale was able to get the most out of its investment after its utilities department repurposed a building temporarily used by the fire department while a new firehouse was being built. They realized the building could serve as storage for the utilities department, so they disassembled it, moved it, and then reassembled it at a different location after pouring a new concrete pad.

NASA chose SteelMaster Buildings to protect their shuttle components and valuable equipment at the Kennedy Space Center. They were confident in SteelMaster’s ability to design, build, ship and service all their prefabricated government buildings.

If you’re looking for a durable steel garage, shed, or workshop that will keep you and your valuables safe while meeting Florida’s strict building codes, a SteelMaster building is the best choice.

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