Durable steel buildings with Quonset Hut Design, backed by our expertise to fulfill your dream project.

Florida Steel Buildings: Garages, Sheds & Workshops

With over 5,000 buildings sold over the past four decades in Florida, businesses and homeowners trust SteelMaster across the state. FBC-approved and HVHZ-approved, SteelMaster buildings can be used in almost any application.


Why Quonsets Are Perfect For Florida

  • Fast and free delivery to anywhere in the state
  • State-approved stamped FBC-compliant blueprints included
  • Build in days or weeks, not weeks or months
  • Cost-effective building pricing and construction
  • HVHZ-certified construction to stand up to hurricanes
  • 40-year warranty














Custom Steel Buildings Sized To Fit

No matter where you are or what type of building you need, SteelMaster can help you design and build it to your specifications.

NASA, Businesses & Residents Trust SteelMaster Buildings

NASA, Businesses & Residents Trust SteelMaster Buildings

NASA chose SteelMaster Buildings to protect their shuttle components and valuable equipment at the Kennedy Space Center.

They were confident in SteelMaster’s ability to design, build, ship, and service all their prefabricated government buildings.


Many Florida businesses and municipalities use SteelMaster’s high-quality steel buildings.

The City of Fort Lauderdale was able to get the most out of its investment after its utilities department repurposed a building temporarily used by the fire department while a new firehouse was being built.

They realized the building could serve as storage for the utilities department, so they disassembled it, moved it, and then reassembled it at a different location after pouring a new concrete pad.

A dedicated Florida dad protected his two daughters from the blinding sun, extreme heat, and heavy rain with a batting dome.

Frank Hodges dismantled an old airplane hangar in 2009 and made it into a batting dome for a few years.

The old hanger wasn’t tall enough and it was badly damaged by hurricanes. That’s when they called SteelMaster to find a building that would fit his and his daughters’ needs.

What To Know About Buying A Building In Florida

How much does it cost to buy and ship a building to Florida?

You can expect to spend somewhere between $8 – $16 per square foot on a steel building with free shipping. The final cost per square foot depends on several factors, some that you control, some that you do not:

  • Local code requirements – Certain cities, or even neighborhoods in Florida’s case, may require specific steel gauges
  • Total square footage – The cost per square foot goes down as the building size increases
  • Building finishing – A shell of a Quonset hut can be left as is, or further finished and accessorized

Do Quonsets meet Florida’s strict building codes?

Yes, you’ll work directly with us to ensure that your design and building plan meet Florida building codes. Florida is one of the few states that mandate state codes for residential and commercial buildings across all municipalities. Additionally, there are state code requirements that are specific to particular counties and parishes – so knowing your building meets Florida Building Code (FBC) is crucial for any property owner in the state.

The Florida Building Code (FBC), similar to the International Building Code used in the United States, has regulations and guidelines regarding hurricane protection for Florida residents. The FBC governs the design, construction, erection, alteration, modification, repair, and demolition of private buildings, structures, and facilities in the state.

Do Quonsets stand up to hurricanes, natural disasters and severe storms?

Yes, SteelMaster buildings are disaster-resistant, including Florida hurricanes. Florida gets more hurricanes than any other state, by a wide margin.

Several other states refer to the requirements in the Florida Building Codes for hurricanes, all of which can be accommodated by Quonset Huts. Some of these include:

  • HVHZ Impact Certified – Wind-Borne Debris Regions (WBDR) have specific requirements for buildings withstanding impact from debris
  • Impact-Rated Doors & Windows – Beyond the walls of the building, the doors and windows must also be impact resistant
  • Roofing Regulations – Roof design and assembly have additional regulations beyond standard building codes
Whether it’s a garage, a home or an industrial plant, Florida requires disaster-resistant engineering. SteelMaster buildings and engineers always provide state-stamped blueprints for buildings, making the building planning and permitting process easier. We’re able to do that because of the natural strength of the arch design and commercial-grade steel panels.
Some of the best money I’ve ever spent.
Matthew & Marianne L., St. Petersburg

How is HVHZ Certification for buildings obtained?

SteelMaster’s High Velocity Hurricane Zone Certified buildings are engineered to the highest standards and are able to withstand the strongest winds.

Our building was tested and gained Florida product approval (#FL-15623).

During the test, 15 lb 2 x 4’s were hurled at one of our buildings at 100 mph. When the wood post hit the side of the building, it barely left a dent in the steel.

How do Quonset huts do in rain storms?

How do Quonset huts do in rain storms?

While traditional buildings have gutters, which can overfill more frequently than normal during heavy rain, SteelMaster structures have no gutters to maintain.

Additionally, our structures are less susceptible to leaks due to the steel panels having a nine-inch overlap with two rows of bolts and an end-to-end 3.5-inch overlap.

According to U.S. Climate Data, Florida has an average of 59.21 inches of rainfall annually so having a building that can stand up to intense rain is critical for property owners.

When a storm or hurricane pushes huge amounts of water into a populated area, property can be severely damaged. Bare metal garages, sheds and workshops can quickly rust out, but SteelMaster’s arches and endwalls come with a special coating called Galvalume Plus that helps to prevent this from happening. The coating protects the building from normal wear and tear, but during a storm if the water rises, it won’t damage the steel.

I think the quality of what you guys built is really tight, no issues there. The quality of your blueprints and the delivery was perfect, I had zero issues with any of that.
Patrick R., Milton
Why are Florida Building Codes So Strict?

Why are Florida Building Codes So Strict?

In 1992, Hurricane Andrew completely devastated southern Florida. This massive cyclone obliterated homes leaving behind only debris and the concrete foundation. The storm knocked down power lines and flooded neighborhoods, causing millions in damages and killing more than 60 people.

After this horrific storm, officials in Florida vowed to be better prepared the next time. Part of the state’s prevention efforts included a revamp of its building codes.

Florida is now known as an international leader in storm preparation. Strict building codes were enacted to protect citizens from a powerful storm like Andrew. This prompted renovations of older buildings and new plans for future structures.

large arch S model steel building with steel recessed endwalls to cover large eating area with strong lights up and big ass fan attached to arches and firepit in front
From purchase to installation, everything was great. Service was good, things happened on schedule. SteelMaster was very organized and easy to work with.
Scott M., Jacksonville
steel S model storage shed with custom yellow front endwall with walk through door and pool house next to it

Florida certified buildings

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